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  1. Mdworker Kernel Panic

    I had the same problem. in my case, the ram was not set to the correct (optimal) timing in the bios. I first thought the ram was defective because in win7 I was getting blue screens related to the memory. If the OP or anyone else has this kind of problem, first make sure the timing and voltages are correct in your bios. if that doesn't solve it, your ram may well be defective. Good Luck!
  2. Dell Optiplex GX520

    Thanks for the info. I'll keep trying the other method until it doesn't work but its nice to know a retail disc isn't NEEDED.
  3. Dell Optiplex GX520

    Just want to report that I successfully installed 10.6.3 on an Asus P5N-SLi using this method. I have QE and CI on my 8600gt (256mb). had to patch the ethernet and audio but not a big deal. I'll be installing SL this way until a better way comes along but I don't see that happening, its just too easy!
  4. Dell Optiplex GX520

    Just for fun: is there any way to get the front speaker on the gx520 to produce sounds other than the system beeps that occur when it starts up? I'm sure that I had system audio coming through it in Windoze... I have the small form factor (sff) model so maybe all of them don't have the speaker? Again, not a big deal if it isn't possible.
  5. Dell Optiplex GX520

    I'm I'm trying this right now. I'll report back soon. EDIT: Posting from Firefox on my Dell Optiplex GX520 (small form factor) via onboard ethernet (no manual MAC address changes needed like before...) running Snow Leopard 10.6.3! gma950 fully working, haven't noticed any artifacts anyway. Front Row, transparent menu bar and rippling effect in the dashboard all present. SL doesn't show QE and CI but I assume since these things are working that I have them... Thank you a thousand times over Dellmantt! (followed your guide to the letter after setting my bios to default configuration) also, sound is working great! Now to see if my pci firewire card works (no reason it shouldn't, me thinks...)
  6. Safe to install "iLife Media Browser Update"?

    Broke my install... but it was the "usb leo" distro. in a while I'm going to try it on the iPC 10.5.6 dist....
  7. "Broken" Macbook Pro 15"

    did you tie this to your bumper and drive a block? jk I also would like to know why the keys are missing and if this is the cause of the keys "not working".
  8. [eBay] HP Laptop with OSX86 vanilla

    It is not smart to mention that it comes with osx in the auction.
  9. [WTB] ibook g4

    good luck getting one for 100 bucks... I sold one that needed a screen and optical drive a while back for 125... I have another one that needs a screen, optical drive and hard drive I'm about to put up on ebay. I bought it disassembled but everything is there. let me know if you're interested. (though I realize you probably aren't)
  10. SOLD

    not trying to annoy anyone, just bumping this cuz the auctions end tomorrow!!
  11. SOLD

    anyone else interested in this?
  12. SOLD

    alright cool. It's got alot of watchers, everyone waiting til the last day lol
  13. SOLD

    well, I lied in the original post saying I could "give links"... I actually have the files here on my computer though and would gladly send them to the winner. what I did (and this worked perfectly) is installed using ideneb 1.3 and since I have a wmp54g that is recognized as third party airport I simply used OSx86 Tools to download the drivers I needed. the list: ApplePIIXATA.zip ALC888.zip (sound = Realtek ALC888) BCM4318.zip (lan = Realtek 8111C) USBDriver.zip I don't think I needed either the usbdriver or the piixata kexts but installed them anyway. *shrug* install worked fine with both ide and sata drives.
  14. Craigs list?

    I really wanted to know who is foolish enough to fall for anything like this. luckily a couple brave and ehem, not so smart* souls stepped up. Take a lesson from them, OR take a lesson from me and use common sense. it directly ties into the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." *no offense: I'm just using you as an example, which you already did to yourself
  15. SOLD

    sorry about that! thanks for the move. never really read or posted in any sections besides the genius bar haha