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Apple fixes MacBook Pro "whine" with new logic board.

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They sort of skipped the first step: admitting they have a problem, but Apple is at least starting to patch stuff up with their customers who have been complaining about whining MacBook Pros since the release of the product. MacBook Pro user Rickard Almqvist sent in his MBP for some repairs and got it back with a new logic board and a friendly letter from Apple letting him know what was up. The new version of the logic board requires OS X 10.4.6, as opposed to the machine's original 10.4.5, so they included some new install DVDs in case he needs to reinstall. After the upgrade he hasn't had any whining problems, and he, along with other users with similar reports, is attributing it to the new board. No word yet if Apple will offer this upgrade to users who merely complain of the whine, or if you'll need a more serious problem to crop up before they'll do the swap-a-roo, but it does look like there's hope on the horizon beyond just buying a new revision of the troublesome laptop.




Rickard Almqvist at MacInTouch is reporting that Apple has apparently (and finally) produced a tweaked version of the MacBook Pro logic board in response to everyone's whining - MacBook Pro whining, that is. Rickard received a letter from Apple detailing the new board and stating that it was brand new, "only a few days old". Also of note is the need for new installation DVDs that contain 10.4.6, not the 10.4.5 discs the machine originally came with. And just for all you skeptics out there, Rickard has also posted a picture of Apple's letter on his blog, so you can let your "that was Microsoft Worded" and "Photoshopped!" naysaying fly.


Here's hoping MacBook Pros everywhere can finally stop whining. The one question I have is: are you going to be sending your MBP in for the new board? Or is iTunes usually blaring loud enough for you to still wonder what all this 'whine' talk is about?




"Last week I received a new revision of the logic board that actually got rid of all whine! According to my service provider that did the repair this revision was brand new, only a few days old," Rickard Almqvist reportsover on MacInTouch.


"With the new logic board Apple also sent new installation DVDs needed to make a new install with the new logic board. They contained 10.4.6 instead of 10.4.5 that the computer was delivered with,"Almqvist reports. "I took a picture of Apple's letter. To summarize: The new logic board got rid of all whine!"


Transcript of relevant portion of Apple's letter:

New version MLB installed. While repairing your MacBook Pro, Apple installed a different version of the Main Logic Board (MLB).



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Well this gives all MBP owners hope, but I think I can wait that extra month for a Merom MBP with hopefully new revision logicboard. (I personally think the new logicboard is the one designed for the MBP2 ^^)

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Just got my MBP back with the new MB. It runs much cooler, by 10-15 degrees, which I wasnt expecting, and the whine is almost totally gone. I get the occasional 'chirrup' now, but previously it was a constantly warbling chitter. Very happy.

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