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Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

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So wait, this is from 2010, talk about perseverance! btw that new front is very inspiring, nice design. Seems like you had some problems at first when you had it plasma cut? Is plasma cutting of steel not that accurate?

I'm very interested in the best way to have parts cut out, working on a few parts myself. When you say machined do you mean CNC cut or on a lathe of some kind? I'm trying to find out what the best end product to cost ratio is. Thanks for the advice.


This thread inspired me when I first read it a year or two ago, and it still does now. Lots of work in this case and some time ago I had a little go at replicating this in mirrored acrylic (my advice to anyone thinking the same is - in acrylic - is don't bother!), but to answer anyone else contemplating doing this in any material my advice would certainly be to find someone you can trust who is not horrendously expensive.

CNC or laser would work, for either type of operation it would be do-able, as long as you do the ground work yourself first and need not be too expensive.

The major part in any project like this is preparation by taking apart the machine you are working on, measuring several times, trying paper templates, getting all the measurements onto the PC and presenting your CNC or laser person with something they can quickly translate into a cutting file.

IF you can do that, or the guy with the machine is on your side and wants to do it for you, then it can be surprisingly affordable. If the machine shop are not particularly interested or have their time taken up by orders from industry then they will make it cost too much to be practical.

But hey, this forum is a good place for finding people that can help.

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Well, it's time to upgrade this old X58 system, and make a new grill. Got rid of the obsolete stuff like the optical drive and firewire port. Then I figured I might as well be cutting edge and leave out the USB-A ports. I just put two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. The horizontal slats have grown on me over time, so I think I'll go that route this time instead of vertical like I did last time.


Not sure which platform to go with yet. Z390 should fit my needs just fine, might even try to stuff a 9900k in there. On the other hand, it might be interesting to see if the 3647 socket builds start to gain momentum, now that the Mac Pro is available to order. X299 could work too, I don't know.


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Alright, I'm making a little bit of progress!


I got tired of trying to find power supplies with the power plug in the right place for the back of a G4, and didn't feel like cutting my back panel, or using one of the Laser Hive ones. So, I bought an old ATX power supply from a surplus shop for $12, cut it up, and made this ghetto adapter with an 80 Noctua in it. When it's all put together, with my new Seasonic, it doesn't look too bad. It also helps to put the PSU fan in a better spot on the side so I can pull in air from inside the left side plastic panel.


I got the aluminum grill from the waterjet cutter. It's definitely going to need some cleanup, and the dimensions are a little smaller on outside edges, and bigger on inside edges, but it looks pretty good. I think I can work with it.


Painted the rainbow on the Apple logo from the inside. It's tinted, but I used the Apple logo from a MDD, so the tint isn't as dark as a Sawtooth - Digital Audio would be.


So, some of my work comes out looking pretty good, while other pieces look pretty ghetto. I'll see how it goes. If the trend turns more towards ghetto the farther I go, I may just dump it and get a Dune Pro.













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