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  1. MarioMac

    Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

    Your mod is awesome, can't wait to see the final result ! Personnaly I want to put a full ATX configuration (DFI LanParty P45-T2RS Plus with Q9550 and 9800GTX+) with 1 HDD and Slim-line DVD Rom. in my graphite case, and your idea to do a new front plate/grill give me some facilities for my project. Thanks ! Very good job banini_jeque ! Any update ?
  2. MarioMac

    modding apple g5

    I like it
  3. Just the best G4 Mac case conversion I ever seen… Congrats ! I like the white parts !
  4. Congrats, your mod is awesome ! And inspiring me I'm thinking seriously to give a new life for my QuickSilver case… At last, I think flat colour paint, is the beter way to paint plastics…
  5. MarioMac

    Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

    Nice ! You give me some ideas for my new quicksilver full atx conversion…
  6. One more time, your job is awesome… Your sprays are basics acrilic paints or it's some special ?
  7. Hello Photograph, nice upgrade For my case the solution is to find a new lock system for the door… I cut the locks of this plastic plate (under the mobo) to fit the full ATX mobo… The door close, but on the sides of the front and on the back don't fit correctly… The srews, I have a barbarian solution, but, first I need new semblable screws… If you interested, I give you some fotos of my mATX convertion : Mobo : http://tinyurl.com/yeh3tmv Backside with custom panel : http://tinyurl.com/ydsfp3w Frontside with home-made PWR button and white LED : http://tinyurl.com/yfsgz52 Back with cables, all connect well : http://tinyurl.com/yaacupt And the slim slot-in DVD drive : http://tinyurl.com/ya5z4gv Hardware list : Mobo : DFI Lanparty JR P45-T2RS - CPU : QuadCore Q9550 - 4Gb Ram - 1.5 Tb Hard drive - GPU Geforce 9800GTX+ - SSD Kingston 64 Gb - Bluetooth, fans etc… This first convertion will be a success… For my full ATX conversion, it's the same harware, just the mobo is now the DFI lanparty dk p45-t2rs plus, If I have the time to do some fotos with my some "problems" I did the pics… My english is catastrofic, sorry. Cheers.
  8. The flat black and transparent red are a very good combination… Congrats ! Your are lucky, I worked my full ATX G4 convertion too, and after a mATX and full ATX work, the case is to damaged, the door not close as well, the screws of the plastic panel are damaged (I cant retire the screws)… All hardware fits great, but I do some mistakes on my work… finaly I think the case is inestetic and dead… :censored2: Now I purchase a full atx p.c case… Like the Fortress FT02S, I think he is so "Mac" but he is very expensive on my opinion… Continue your interesting work ! and one more time, congratulation ! P.S I think you can fit a sloat-loading laptop DVD drive in my opinion… Or use that http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2104/225124..._4136f0bfde.jpg , if you paint the plastics like that DVD obviously… Cheers.
  9. It's smells like a very good mod project ! Interested to see the final product ! N.B actually I modding my G4 QS too to fit a full ATX mobo. Its very hard, but the mobo fits good, needs just some adjustments for closing the case well. Your hard drive cage give me some ideas fo my two HD and SSD, thank you I'm interested with your paintjob too (I think to paint the plastics in white and the interior in black or metalgun grey) Sorry for my bad English. Best regards.
  10. MarioMac

    *UPDATED* Yet another G4 Hackintosh

    Hi Vostro15 "How do I go about cutting the back inputs/outputs plate? I haven't collected many tools over the years so I have the basics (Power drill and your average tool kit!). The only thing I could think of was to drill around the edges until it pops out!" For me it was the hardest part, personaly i do a whole and i cut manualy the plate little a little with a metal (sword?)… "The only thing I could think of was to drill around the edges until it pops out!" I think it's a good solution too ! "Can someone point me to a CPU cooler compatible with LGA775 and my CPU which is quite shallow and will not hit the PSU or whatever else it can knock into!" Scythe Shuriken "Where should I place fans inside the case and what sizes? Obviously there is already a grate in place for the PSU fan and there is a grill type thing below that where a fan of some sort should eventually go but it is a strange shape (see pics). I don't plan to use the front speaker (though it would add a bit of character to it!) so I could possibly but a small fan there but I don't know, your the experts!" Personaly I do that, Too wholes on the top to extract the hot air… (http://ninjatosh.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/blow-hole-1.jpg) and the rest of his good work (http://ninjatosh.wordpress.com/hacking-the-powermac-g4-quicksilver-case/) "Could someone show me a graphics card which is small and cool enough to not cause any problems. I will be watching HD video 1080p and using photoshop (not at the same time) but I won't be editing video. It should be compatible with OSX so I reckon an Nvidia 9xxx card should be best... Is the a low heat 9600 of any kind??" I use an XFX 9800GTX+ coupled with a scythe musashi with no problems… "Can you point out to me a PSU which will fit perfectly into the mount and the plug and fan lines up perfectly with the back plate? My current PSU A) seems too big for the mount, it overlaps slightly and the plug is in the wrong place which means that I need to cut something which I would not be confident in doing!" I use a corsair modular PSU with a little adaptation on the rear plastic plate… Fits okay "Is there any way that I can install 2 DVD drives into this? I have a DVD Drive that I burn a lot of stuff onto and I also have a 'Kreon' drive which I rip a lot of stuff from, if you know what I mean so it would be cool to have the two drives in at the same time, though not essential." Impossible I think, personaly i used a slim slot-in dvd drive… But with a little work you can fit one in the case and the second can be a external DVD drive… "Soo that's it (for now!) If you have any other advice that you could give me then I would be very very grateful!" Do a beautiful work That case is nice ! Sorry for my very very bad english…
  11. I CharredPC, you have a great work here ! Lot hours of work I think… Do you have pictures of your mod, with the lcd screen and the isight completly integrated ? Just one suggestion… Paint your laptop in metalgun grey, and why not a retro lighted apple on the back of lcd The perfect false mac… Like this : http://images.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http...v%3D2%26hl%3Dfr
  12. MarioMac

    HackPro with Hardware SSD RAID

    Nice specs ad very interesting video, it's just… Powerfull ! I have the same project too, mounting a SSD raid 0…
  13. Very nice and so clean job ! For me your Hack is not a mod, it's an exemple of good and beautifull hardware integration ! Principally I like your MB chassis idea… If I can tell you a little suggestion, put in here original MacPro/PM G5 fans… Sorry for my bad English.