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Hfs+partition error..can't boot into xp?

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I just recently install osx 10.4.5 on a 10 gig partition on my harddrive. The installation went fine but when i go to boot xp, (I could boot into osx fine.) I get the HFS+partition error, I read in some places were i fix it by installing something called wingrub???? But i cant boot into xp...when i power on the computer, it just says HFS+partition error and i cant do anything??...Can somebody help me? Sorry for being such a noob.

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Boot up the DVD and go into the menus at the top when they load and you should see startup disk or something along those lines. Choose it and choose your XP partition if its listed, if not, download UBC from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ and boot into that, Press F3 then I BELIEVE F1, then choose your XP Installation and press the b button and save. Then you'll get the Windows Bootloader and you'll see OS X there if you are using chain0, or you will be able to boot to XP.

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HFS+ it's a mac file system. what is your computer specs? how it's possible to install XP + OSX? it's a bit strange as i know you can't install both os's(may be i'm mistaken). Is it possible to boot OSx? do you have any xp installation cds? i think you will need to format your drive:(

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What dual booting method are you using? Darwin, chain0, 3rd party boot manager? If you are booting to your XP partition when you get the HFS+ Partition error than it sounds like you formatted your XP partition to HFS+. Which would mean a reinstall of XP. If you can still see your XP partition (files and all) in OSX try using your XP install CD and booting to the recovery console. type "fixboot X:" than type the command "fixmbr X:" (REPLACE X WITH THE DRIVE YOU HAVE XP INSTALLED ON)That might recover it.


Out of curiousity how did you set up your partitions(order, size,etc).

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The problem is with the MBR - The Master Boot Record.

What happens most of the time (particularly when there is a conflict cause by windows resetting the MBR for it's own bootloader) is that a bootloader will do things it's way. This rebuilds the MBR to the bootloader's liking. If it isn't compatible with other bootloaders or operating systems (like OSX and the Darwin bootloader) then the HFS+ Partition error will happen.

To fix this, we need to rebuild the MBR so that it works with the HFS+ Partition that the Darwin Bootloader and OSX is installed on.

This rebuild can be done using a small boot disk in the form of a cd or floppy, but i'm not sure if this'll work for OSX (although i'm assuming it would).


I'll post back after i've done a few tests.



Killed my laptop. It's all good though, i meant to!

Anyways, the only thing that would fix this problem (that i know of) is Partition Table Doctor's bootable CD. But i think it's illegal to post the image here.

Any suggestions?

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