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  1. Hfs+partition error..can't boot into xp?

    HFS+ it's a mac file system. what is your computer specs? how it's possible to install XP + OSX? it's a bit strange as i know you can't install both os's(may be i'm mistaken). Is it possible to boot OSx? do you have any xp installation cds? i think you will need to format your drive:(
  2. ***Acronis OS Selector***

    Hi. I use Acronis Os Selector too. It's the most conveniens software I've ever seen. It works wonderful with my 3 OSes.
  3. Darwin Installation Question

    Hmm... It's a strange problem. I think you should ask for support@acronis.com. They always give a very valuable and qualified help.
  4. Lock a partition?

    Well, try to check these progs: http://www.1000files.com/free/partition-lock.html http://www.flexbeta.net/forums/lofiversion....php/t4674.html
  5. Hi, let's make it clear. I've never heard about locking partition or drive. By the way, are you sure that 40gb is unallocated space? If it's so, try to partition the drive by following these steps. 1- boot Acronis Disk Director. You can see your "C" partition and unallocated space. 2- choose "Create Partition". Select unallocated space. Specify the created partition size. Select the created partition type (PRIMARY). Select the partition file system. Choose the partition letter. 3- Press "Commit". I used this program several times to re-partition my HDD. Everything was charming! NOTE! If you use Acronis Disc Director trial, it won't execute anything. Only full version allows you to complete the operation. untitled.bmp