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In search for a site or something that explains basic unix/darwin language

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Hi mac fans!


I want to find out more about the system under os x. im new to the complete programming language idea, not only darwin and unix.


My aim is to know some key and some not so key commands that i can use in terminal or at boot (i have completely no idea about boot commanding).


I dont want to learn the complete language, so im in search for a simple site or something that explains it to me.


PLease post a link of a site or give me an idea where to start.




Thnx a lot! :)

Oh i meant the things that others were saying u should include an u said u put it in the list. I thought its a list that u havent put up yet... probably missunderstood.


But hey, u fixed one of my problems accidentally :D. I could not find a way how to get a large resolution to my mactel but ur explonation about nanoing the com.apple.plist file sorted my problem out. Thanks man! :)


By the way u said previously that someone should translate the guide to a different language. If u want i can translate it to hungarian sometime.

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