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  1. Im using an ALC655 Realtek sound card integrated into a Gigabyte mobo and with ICH7 chipset and iDeneb 10.5.5. There is no sound. Until recently I was convinced that this is a driver problem, because System Prefs didn't show any devices under the Audio tab. But now I got a version of the AppleAC97Audio.kext that actually makes the card be detected in System Prefs, and it now lets me also to play system sounds but only in theory... Because no actual sound comes with any choice of speakers/headphones. I am starting to accept the defeating fact that there is a hardware problem with the ALC655 and that i will need to find an alternative. I realized recently that XP doesnt play sounds either even though the driver is installed and again, the system detects the card... All I need from you guys is to confirm for me that there is a high probability of a hardware issue so i can stop browsing the net for new drivers. thanks in advance. tonik
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    How To Fix iTunes 7 for SSE2

    great guide, thanks. works but extreeeemely slow on slower machines! expect results that would occure as if its a PPC app.
  3. There: I found a program. The only one there is... Although it doesnt work for me for some reason somehow. http://www.bmannconsulting.com/macosx/how-to/ext2-for-mac Wen downloading choose the second option the newer release, only that supports 10.4.x
  4. No, OS X doesnt read EXT2 or 3. At least not natively. Disk utility sees the partitions and says its a Linux partition but it does not recognize the exact file system. Actually it does not give any other info than saying Linux in one breef line... Probably thre is a third party program that enables it (i didnt check). I assume this because u can install Linux (Ubuntu for PowerPC is available for download) on a real Mac and i bet that mac users dont want to get rid of OS X but rather dual boot. And than it probably was bothering people that they couldnt acces part of their hard drives so they designed apps that solved their problem. So anyway im pretty sure it is possible to set up os x to read/write ext but not easily.
  5. I did update, and all i can say is that its something powerful. It works seamlessly. Tnx I actually got into the topic so much that i dwnloaded an app for windows that enables windows to read AND WRITE (can it be better) to EXT2 and 3. So anyway... ima happy guy... By the way, i heard a rumor, probably not true, that Leopard will support read AND write on NTFS volumes.
  6. haha i see... well to be honest u wouldnt have needed to say i dont have to buy it. in fact, i wasnt even thinking of buying it, but certainly thinking of using it So thank u. Ill give macdrive a shot.
  7. Hi all, Im triple booting OS X, XP and Ubuntu Linux. I was wondering... It would be quite noce if i could write to my XP-NTFS partition from OS X rather than just read from it. Its nothing crucial or anything, it would simply be nice. Im pretty sure the situation with Ubuntu's EXT3 partition wont work... OS X doesnt even mount it (although disk util sees it) (XP doesnt see it at all) Am i correct, that EXT3 wont mount no matter how hard i try? And actually one more thing: again pretty sure it wont work. Any chance of XP recognizing, reading, writing HFS+ of OS X? (And EXT + if possible ) To sum it up: please tell me all the possibilities of reading writing my three OS's files in each os. Tnx... I can already guess my options
  8. OK thank you very much. Ill cross my fingers than and reinstall. Its really cool that the osx installer can archive the old system but the exact reason i reinstall for is to get rid of all the system files and renew them. tnx both of u for the fast reply
  9. Hi, im in a situation where i need to reinstall tiger on my G5... long story... anyway, my question is: if i have two hard drives one on which the system is and another with all my mixed files, will a reinstall erase the hd with the files or will it keep it untuched? i have never reinstalled osx, i just never needed to. Please reply quickly! i need to get going with it as quick as possible! tnx in advence!
  10. Hi, I translated ur guide. It has big success on the hungarian OS Xx86 forum site
  11. hi, if u follow along the guide it tells u exactly well but here it is... 1. open terminal 2. type: cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration 3. press ENTER 3. type: sudo nano com.apple.boot.plist. An xml file should open in a word editor named nano. 4. Find the line where it says <string></string> under the <key>Kernel Flags</key> line. It doesnt matter if it says something in between the the strings. 5. Between the strings type: "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32@60" Should look like this: <string>"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32@60"</string> 6. Press CTRL+X. It should ask u to save the file or not. Press Y to save, than press ENTER. 7. Reboot. I dont really know... It should work... all Heckintoshes should be acting the same way no matter what the system is. Try doing it again maybe u typed something wrong or it might be that ur display does not support highrer resolutions. OS X is clever enough to set the resoulution back to the defeault 1024x768 if it detects that the desplay does not support spacier reses and also if it doesnt understand the line that u typed cause of a typo It should work though without trouble it worked for me perfectly. Im suspecting a typo...
  12. tonik

    Adium instead of MSN on x68 Macs

    OK, can anyone explain to me how JoeP could do it?
  13. Edit: By PC I meant Windows XP
  14. MacRumors has got one: http://guides.macrumors.com/List_of_Universal_Binaries
  15. hi there, I have a Toshiba MK4025GAS drive in a Billinton external case. The problem is, it will not moutn on my 10.4.6 + sec update 2006-003 macintel. I tried all six usb ports that i have, they all give it power, but non of tham mount it. All of my ports are USB 2.0. I cave an Epson usb printer and that works in all of the ports just fine, so that is why I find this wierd. It works fine on my Power Mac G5 and it worked fine previously on my PC, when I had Windows instead of OS X. In the manual it says that the drive works without the need of a driver instatallation under OS X, OS 9 and XP. I suspect that the this intel version of OS X does not have the driver files installed. I probably need to get them but dont know where from. Can someone help, please?