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GRUB2 as the only boot loader: it's possible!


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Hi DuoWing, thanks for the feedback. I haven't posted because i didn't have time to test grub and my previous setup wasn't helping, but i've been following the topic. I changed the setup recently and will test it again soon so, it's nice to read positive and useful feedback.

Just one thing.. do you need the -f flag to boot? If not, don't use it for normal boot.

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i'd just like to confirm to the original poster of this topic that yes GRUB WORKED FOR ME DOING WHAT YOU DID !!!!!!



what i did was basicly the exact same code into the .cfg file or whatever extension it is and then i just pointed it to my mac osx partition and it booted but using verbose mod ... things was after doing that i installed some ati drivers oh dear lol i was wondering how i could fix it now an some how uninstall the ati drivers and go back to how it was.... just before adding the ati drivers ...


ive tried going to S/L/E and deleting the new drivers and then booting from both Hazard and iATKOSs3 and reparing disk permissions there that way as the thing isnt booting osx for me .. to no avail sadly i just get a input not supported screen floating around the screen


someone please help !



nvm i did a reinstall with hazard 10.6.2, now working on updating it ..

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why do you guys assume GRUB2 can boot vanilla kernels?


I currently use only





Booting from grub is a beatiful thing. Well, if you like watching text fly by.


The only reason I boot from Chameleon right now is to get my cpu and motherboard info mac friendly.

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With grub-efi-amd64 I get an error on my GPT partitioned disk:


multiboot info does not include the chosen boot device


My custom grub config looks like that:


exec tail -n +3 $0
# This file provides an easy way to add custom menu entries. Simply
# type the menu entries you want to add after this comment. Be careful
# not to change the 'exec tail' line above.
menuentry "OS X Mountain Lion" {
insmod hfsplus
insmod part_gpt
search --file --set=root /boot
multiboot /boot


also chainloading from windows bootx64.efi with chain0 fails ; )


update (attached photo of grub2 booting the usual OS X detection methods):



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If you install Windoze first, then your OS-X and use a chameleon installer package, Chameleon will also pick up the Windoze boot partition, and if you set your wait time to 4 or 5 seconds, press F8 during that time, Windoze shows up as one of the selections. (click on the reserved one and hit enter.)

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