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  1. So how does the database work? Do you need help on it?
  2. Do they have any hairspray? That is very good for making bombs. Watch out for that. There is something even more dangerous that most terrorists have. I'll tell you (go away terrorists). Water and Electricity. (Hydrogen Gas by electrolysis)
  3. Because nobody is certain how the database works. It needs a clean wipe and an accompanying post saying post your setup AND the details/what you had to do/if you are putting it up there because it is incompatible.
  4. oldtopman


    Use gParted. If you need specific instructions, I can give you them.
  5. Another OSX to hack and support... I suppose this is the death os 10.4.X and a "goodbye" to our dearly beloved PPC macs. ;(
  6. oldtopman

    new hackintosh build

    Here is the Gold Standard. All of the parts are %100 compatible. Go for it! Link Everything you specified should work without needing really specific parts. Good luck finding a compatible mobo though. Also, there is no such thing as a %100 compatible hackintosh.
  7. I LOL'ed my brains out. Oh, here's your pic.
  8. Try marking the OSX partition as active. If that doesn't work, undo what you just did and read on. I don't know how to do this but... I believe this is one of those mysterious errors caused by a "chainloadapolloza". Try removing one of the bootloaders.
  9. Snow Leopard won't work on your setup because by default, it doesn't support IDE. You will have to use Leopard.
  10. You can learn about this kind of stuff by reading things like this forum. There is no definitive "guide" and wikipedia can contain only so much info. Install chameleon after you boot your computer. If that doesn't work, we'll need to see the guide you followed. --oldtopman--
  11. So after you reset your computer, you get this screen? Is this after the BIOS? When it tries to boot the HD? I need more details.
  12. oldtopman

    Problems running Marvin's AMD Utilities

    Please don't bump as it is not allowed. If you do choose to do so, please do not bump within 24hrs of making your original reply. Try a different source for your download.
  13. oldtopman

    Is this possible?

    Use Puppy Linux to mount the OSX drive (you will need to specify it manually, look at gparted for more info) and then you can edit.
  14. oldtopman

    Problems running Marvin's AMD Utilities

    Asking the obvious: Did you try re-downloading it?