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  1. Dell 1545 Snow Leopard Retail/boot132 Install

    @nickio1230 There was a link on deviato's blog on how to patch the dsdt yourself. Im going to follow it and DIY, you should too because you'll get a better match to your specific hardware -TheFugitive
  2. Yeah, well, I just got a stock install off a retail 10.6.3 DVD, with minimal adulteration necessary. I read the topic you submitted, and, uh well...we're doing just fine over here, thanks.
  3. Dell 1545 Snow Leopard Retail/boot132 Install

    @deviato Slightly off topic, am looking to patch grub-1.98 to get a good 915resolution.mod for my grub directory. This is only for Leopard 10.5.7, but I am sure I will run into it as soon as I get my 10.6.3 SL disk in the mail. I am running a 2.6.32 64bit kernel, and plan to run 10.6.3 in 64bit with a SATA/AHCI bios setup. I have a 915resolution patch that only seems to work on a source build for grub-1.96. I will write the 1.98 patch for everyone, just need a little more know-how and advice in order to do the leg-work. Care to slightly educate me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man- Dr. The Fugitive To the thread author, sorry if this post is forbiddingly off-topic, I am hoping if it is too far off the subject, that maybe deviato will steer me to a proper place for discussion, after which I will more than happily delete this thread reply for you.
  4. yo - here is grub.cfg for leopard 10.5.7 - this should give you the way to go for snow leopard - no uuid's neccessary and I'll show you my insmod loaded before the menuentries-- i won't ditch chameleon, it very intelligently detects all partitions on an sd that have a boot loader - try to use multiboot as per below ... insmod linux insmod terminal insmod boot insmod 915resolution insmod video insmod jpeg 915resolution 34 1366 768 set gfxmode=1366x768 ... menuentry "**********XxX********** Leopard (/dev/sda1)" { set root=(hd0,1) multiboot (hd0,1)/boot } [code] Works flawlessly for me, I had to mod the resolution to get my native. cheers -TheFugitive EDIT: This works for the grub-1.96 package on 32bit. Am currently working on a 915resolution to grub-1.98 64bit. And then next week, will be working on grub-1.98 resolution for SnowLeopard 10.6.3 - Hope that helped