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Will Apple accept these problems ?

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It is pretty obvious now that people have paid 2000 dollars and more for computers which are far from perfect. Heat, whine etc...


As time goes by and Apple finds out what the problem was, do you guys think that they might acknowledge these issues and rectify it for customers full satisfaction ?


I am a recent switcher and would like to know if Apple did such a thing in the past,where they accepted a fault and then rectified it completely.I shudder to think what happens a year from now, when (hopefully) faultless MBP's and MB's will be in the market with far superior specs and we will be trying to sell this used and 'faulty' computers incase we want new ones.


I have heard that even in used market Apple products get a premium,will it be true in this case as well ? It looks like we might be in trouble when we will be selling our used MBP's few months/years down the line.




I had posted above post in Apple discussions and they deleted it.




Please read our Apple Discussions Use Agreement so that you may discover what constitutes an appropriate post to our service. Section two, "Submissions," is most germane.


Posts that do not conform to the Apple Discussions Use Agreement are inappropriate.


Each Discussion user is required to agree to these terms before gaining posting privileges. You reserve the right to not post on Apple Discussions should you disagree with these terms.




This company looks like worst than Microsoft.I have joined this Mac cult quite recently and I have half a mind to sell of this computer and get Lenovo. Can you guys suggest a good lenovo machine where I can run Mac OS ?

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I don't think Apple have ever released a faultless product so i wouldn't worry about it. As for Apple Discussions - they are intended for technical support not oppinions so anything like that will get deleted, it's not really worth posting.

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Well, Ouch! is right - I'm not sure they've ever released something without issues. It's just that these are so blatant... I don't know, I've just been really disappointed in the whole thing. I think it bothers me because Apple tries to position themselves as the "different" company in the market, when actually they don't pay any more attention to the customers than any of the others. Quite sad, IMO. Anyone want to start up a computer company? :)


In all seriousness though, it is sad that MBPs being sold on eBay are frequently being listed by whether or not they're the revision that was supposed to fix the whine. I'm not aware of any other Apple products for which that held true.

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