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K8N neo4 Platinum 54G + AC97 (alc850) : WHO COULD


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Could someone got realtek AC97 (ALC850) to work on MSI K8N neo4 Platinum 54G.


What patch work ?

What kind of mod was necessary to get it to work ?


I could get all the other tweaks to works (Axan2006 patches) except this one sound thing ...


Please help :rolleyes:



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Check the wiki in the install guides, down the bottom theres an Ac97 Guide, And the ACL number i use is the ACL850 one because thats what i got.


Check it out




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Thanks HoZu, but I have tried all the available methods in the guides ans forum, but none of them seemed to work ...


Is this this particular Mobo that causes prob or is it just me who's doing something wrong ?


Anyone can print the content of the edited file here ... so I can copy & paste ?


Thanks for your help



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  • 2 weeks later...

There's no sound no matter where I plug the plug.....


Q: When you go to "Audio Devices" or to "Sound in System Prefs", there is something right? I just get NO OUTPUT DEVICE....


May be it has something to do with de BIOS settings or IRQ mapping...


any idea?



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I have ASUS A8V-DELUXE. I made the Yukon Card network card to work thanks to Microsoft Bob but AC97 audio is weird.

it sais: No Built-in Audio but in System Preferences -> Sound it shows AC97.

I did not desable from bios nothing.

I can hear but it HANGS plays half second and then HANGS and so on.


It was ok that I couln't hear Baby One More Time Britney Spears.mp3 in Itunes but I WOULD LIKE MY SOUND TO WORK.


Any ideeas? Driver? kext something?


AI Audio:

Realtek ALC850 8-channel CODEC

Audio Sensing and Enumeration Technology

S/PDIF out interface support




Athlon 64 X2 3800+

Albatron NVIDIA 5700

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OSx said "no built in audio" but in System Preferences->Sound is active and when I play it hangs play 1 second and hangs play hang play hang.

What I'm i suppose to do?


Any kext available anywhere?


my full system specs attached "DxDiag.txt"


Description: Realtek AC97 Audio

Default Sound Playback: Yes

Default Voice Playback: Yes

Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3059&SUBSYS_812A1043&REV_60

Manufacturer ID: 1

Product ID: 100

Type: WDM

Driver Name: ALCWDM64.SYS

Driver Version: 5.10.0000.5830 (English)

Driver Attributes: Final Retail

WHQL Logo'd: n/a

Date and Size: 4/19/2005 10:44:40, 2042368 bytes

Other Files:

Driver Provider: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

HW Accel Level: Full

Cap Flags: 0xF5F

Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 192000

Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 26, 25

Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 26, 25

HW Memory: 0

Voice Management: No

EAX 2.0 Listen/Src: Yes, Yes

I3DL2 Listen/Src: Yes, Yes

Sensaura ZoomFX: No

Registry: OK

Sound Test Result: Not run


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