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  1. Western Digital Caviar SE WD1200 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache - $50 shipped Used. Working. Bought a month ago. M-Audio Transit USB - $68 shipped Brand New. Sealed. 24 bit/96kHz for those who need something better than AC97. Official Universal Intel mac drivers available on their website. Inputs: USB, line in/optical input Outputs: headphone/line out, TOSlink optical out (pass DTS/AC-3 to a receiver) References eBay feedback Heatware evals Paypal w/ confirmed address preferred. Shipped prices are for purchase within US only.
  2. It shouldn't matter as long as the correct device iD is there. Thou you should just append at the end it just in case.
  3. Time changes in XP after running OSX

    Happens here too. It's only midly irritating but I'd rather it not do that... confuses the heck out of me when I check the time on the taskbar sometimes.
  4. NNTP Newsreader anyone?

    Yup it does... it grabs everything I ask it to properly. Awesome program, way better than any of the newsreaders for windows. I especially like the way it groups the posts and sorts the different kinds of files. Only thing is that I have no idea how to get it to show over 10 days of headers.
  5. You have to drag the application into your applications folder after mounting the dmg.