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My iWannaBeWhiteToo box

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So here are some pictures....



Note reflection on the case's side. That's my modded G4 Cube now running bare due to excessive heat.



The innard. What's that you say? There's an ugly mobo in there?

Well this baby's got a AGP *and* PCIe slot! And plus it's under 40 quids.


One thing to be said about the stock fan and mobos without adequate temperature control: it's one hell of a leafblower! The headache inducing noise just brings me back to the time I had to fix someone's MDD G4 so he could sleep. Now I was building this iWannaBeWhiteToo box on a shoestring, so any add-on(s) is a big time decision. So in the end I went with this can-do copper heatsink.



This cost only 13 quids, believe it! It's some forgettable Chinese brand, not even Thermaltake.


And slap it inside.... what do you get?



Merry Christmas! Ho. Ho. Ho!


You know, I think the big lug Santa loves bling-bling too. Personally I was quite aghast by the bling factor. But no I'm not complaining. At least the bling-fan killed the noise.


Btw, I just ordered a Sony DVD burner to finish the look.


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I found it on Directron. But this white version is bought in Singapore. It's actually an accidental buy cos I was really looking for this. Check out the airflow GIF. Crikey, what a beaut.

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Nice I like it. I just got the Antec Minuet 300 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811129013 and plan on eventually painting the whole thing a glossy white like your box and putting a plexi window in somewhere with an etched apple logo on it with a white light behind it. We'll see how motivated I get to do that and dig out the dremel. good modding

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Which ASRock model board is this? And how's the OSX compatibility? Any glitches to speak of?

None so far. Good thing about this board is the ALC850 audio comes with working Mic-in, unlike an earlier Intel D915 series board I tried. The ASRock also comes with both AGP and PCI-E slots. There's a slight problem though. If you add a DLink wireless USB stick to it, the system won't wake from sleep and won't shutdown. So to get around this just get a PCI wireless card instead.


Nice. One of the best that i've seen yet. And where did you get the awesome case?

If you're in Singapore, check out Sim Lim Square. I only found it in one shop. Like I said, the Aopen A340 is a better buy. kernalzero, I saw the Antec too. But trust me, it doesn't look half as good next to my white box or the A340.

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