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  1. New GIGABYTE Desktop will it work?

    No, QE/CI doesn't work with the GA-G31M-S2L's onboard X3100 video, god knows why. So you're gonna need a video card. Additionally, I've tried installing with both Kalyway 10.5.2 and iAtkos 1.0. Verdict is iAtkos appears to be a breeze while Kalyway is acting all bitchy. What doesn't work on Kalyway 10.5.2: USB detection and audio. Both are present on iAtkos. To get up to 10.5.2 I used KalywayIntelCombo10.5.2, works without a hitch.
  2. Hi thysm00. I see that you have listed Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L (along with G33M on this thread) on the 10.5.2 compatibility page. In it you said that the alc662.txt on AppleHDA patcher would make audio work. Well I have made audio on certain boards work via codec dump fed through Taruga's patcher, but so far the ALC662 on ICH7 continues to elude me. I have tried an alc662.txt from the forum earlier, but that one resulted in: no volume control, mic-in found but not functioning, no front audio. The thing is, on the compatibility list you have ALC662 linked to this thread, which doesn't seem to carry any relevant info about GA-G31M-S2L at all, much less ALC662. So how do I get this chip working with the front audio and mic in? Thanks in advance.
  3. Asus 8600GT - long boot time

    I have the same problem as you, but mine is 256MB.
  4. We already get this with stock iAtkos install. Some of us here want more than the generic output, eg. headphones and mic. The thread you linked to is for ALC88x, not ALC662.
  5. Working codec dump for alc662?

    Same fate here with the same P5KPL board. First the LAN, now sound. Looks like this board is really begging for a beating.
  6. Atheros L1 drivers

    Here's where you want to go. Attansic here is the same as Atheros. Everybody gives up on this sooner or later. Your best alternative is probably a Realtek card.
  7. Compatiblity

    This is the thread you want. Found with the forum search function. (It's the one next to "Help" up above.)
  8. LAN Intel 82562

    This worked for me.
  9. Is there anything for GeForce Go 6150?

    Read this. Shared RAM shouldn't work. Next time kindly do a search before posting. There are multiple threads like yours on this forum.
  10. 4965AGN is not currently supported. You could've searched.
  11. Iatkos V1.0i & 8400M ?

    I tested a couple of drivers, one gave me a blank screen while the other doesn't accelerate graphics efficiently. See this thread, this thread, and this thread. You likely need at least 128MB version of the 8400M GS to get this driver working. The one I tested on has 64MB.
  12. Intel Cube.

    I am most in favour of this one.
  13. What's the point? Purchase a Mac only to run Vista. Might as well buy a real PC and run Vista, for that price you can have money leftover for a 8800GT card. I'm running my iMac on Vista right now only because after the iMac, I've gone cup-ramen-poor, so I can hardly afford an Xbox360, which was the original plan. At least with Vista I get to play games like Crysis and Bioshock. I would give Vista up and switch back to OS X in a heartbeat if I had a console. OS X just feels so much better. Get a Mac and run Vista will just make you hate life and want to do a mall shooting. Take it from someone who's there.
  14. iATKOS, will it work on an Compaq C722TU

    Intel Pro is not working and has no solution but to change it, which you won't be able to do since you don't have the latch unlike the V3500 series. No idea about your 5 in 1 as you didn't indicate whether it's Ricoh branded, which if it is, will not work period. Your best bet is the C714NR model which comes with Broadcom wireless and workable 5 in 1 reader.