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  1. Apple can do little to the community, just like Microsoft can do little to stop pirates from cracking their operating system. Once it begins it gains momentum quite quickly.
  2. Disappearing Cursor/Tool

  3. Disappearing Cursor/Tool

    10.0.1 (not from the suite edition)
  4. In Photoshop CS3, whenever I open a new file or create one and move my cursor on top of the file the cursor/tool disappears. This does not occur on some tools but occurs on most. I have tried changing the cursor settings and this only allows me to use a few more tools, but still, a majority simply disappear when I go over an opened file with my cursor. I reinstalled numerous times to no avail. I am completely stumped. Photoshop works completely fine in Vista and XP but not on OSX.
  5. do you do drugs?

    Cigarettes have "filters", marijuana does not. You receive more particles when you smoke a blunt. Also, when has there been a large scale marijuana study?
  6. Homosexuals

    To post here was not insensitive since for some homosexuality is still ingrained in their mind that it is a sin or morally wrong. This needs to be confronted. On a side note, it's great to see that the majority of the members are accepting of one another and strive for equality.
  7. do you do drugs?

    Drinking alcohol, a poisonous substance, and smoking anything is a delusion. Few short term experiences surely do not outweigh the long term affects.
  8. do you do drugs?

    Cognitive dissonance? Where do you think the burned particle matter in smoke goes in your body? The particles do not all get blown out when you exhale, some are stuck to your alveoli in your lungs and it builds up tar residue. Any smoke will do that to you, and you may end up with bronchitis, emphysema or bronchial asthma. Pretty nasty consequences if you ask me
  9. It works perfectly fine. It just isn't legal.
  10. Simply breathtaking. What camera did you use to take this?!
  11. Open it up and clean the dust.
  12. Yeah, youre right! Wonder how he changed the interface then?!
  13. Im pretty sure thats Tiger, Master...
  14. I use Leopard about 95 percent of the time. The rest i use on XP for gaming. And Vista... well, it just sits there after Leopard was installed. I think we are a more danger to ourselves rather than Apple is to us. Haha, this weekend I accidently installed an "unsafe" update that killed my installation. Also, I think Apple is more interested in hunting down people like Psystar who openly install it on PCs commercially.