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Inexpnesive mac pro case look alike!

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Hey guys

I was browsing through newegg and came across this case. I think it looks really similar to a mac pro/ mac g5/g4 case! It's made of galvanized steel and the best part is....It only costs $45.99 and comes with a psu...though it probably isn't that good of a psu. So you get an almost identical case without having to do any modding!








What do you guys think?

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I actually bought that case a few months ago, and had it a bit modded.. These pictures are from my cell phone, sorry about the poor quality.

I will try to take better shots soon!





The front panel is covered with a 2mm aluminum (perforated) sheet cut with a dremel (thanks brother) and the USB, audio, power and reset switches were moved from the lower trap-door to an empty space on the front.

The Apple logo on the sides was hand-painted by yours trully

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