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  1. Sorry dude i have no idea about the ATi stuff but the 10.6.2 update was straight forward enough from the info from this guide. Although i did have problem with 64bit after 10.6.2 (32 bit has been flawless though)
  2. 32bit seems to work fine without any modification but 64bit just kp's. It kp's with thread = python. Any ideas ?
  3. Anyone had any luck with 10.6.2 ?? I updated but get constant kp's in 64bit. Luckily i backed up my Extensions folder and kernel before the update and had to go back. What experiences is others having with the Maximus Formula ?? I tried moving IONetworkingFamily.kext to the /Extra/Extensions folder to see if that made any difference but still received a kp. I also tried repairing permissions with OSX86Tools but no joy, also when booting from the SnowLeopard DVD and running permissions repair (using -x32 -v) it seems to fix several permissions, but if Disk Utility is re-ran straight after, the same permissions keep being repaired (like its not actually repairing the permissions). Everything is hunky dory on 10.6.1 so a little baffled to whats causing the kp's. I tried looking through the 10.6.2 combo update with pacifist but it looks like quite a lot of extensions have been updated so not really sure where to begin.
  4. Anyone had any luck with the new FakeSMC running 64bit ?
  5. not sure what to suggest, but keep trying. Just make sure you follow the guide exactly
  6. I used the DSDTPatcherGui. I just copies a file to the root of your install partition.
  7. modify the boot.plist in the /Extra folder with the kernel flag -x32 I can confirm updating to 10.6.1 works like a charm. After installing the update i ran OSX86Tools and applied the 'Selected Tasks' as in my previous post. Don Giovanni - I would try again, i had kp's the first few attempts i had at installing. Just make sure you follow the guide exactly as stated, you may need to re-apply the DSDT again (as i did) and dont fix permission with DiskUtility, use OSX86Tools.
  8. Thanks dude, that worked a treat. Now running 64bit without kernel panic.
  9. I only get kernel panic in 64bit mode after logging in, 32bit seems to be running fine so far.
  10. Nonne9, Server works great following your guide. My only problem is kernel panic in 64bit, i've tried fixing permissions several times using -x32 but still no luck. Do you have any other things i can try?. Thanks again for getting me this far