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Well, I think I was lucky. A nearby school was getting rid of their computers so they could buy new ones. I told my friends to pick up 3 and I would reimburse them. Wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised.


For $20 each I got a Monitor (CRT type), mouse, and keyboard, and of course the box.

Each Computer had a 40GB HDD, @2.00 GHz Processor, a 10/100 LAN Card (maybe 10/100/100)

Integrated Graphics, and integrated sound. They also came with XP Proffesional.


I thought it was pretty sweet.


So, what do I do with new computers? Network them! I bought some Cat6 cable and tossed together a network, using a switch to connect the new computers directly. So now I have a great little Gaming Station. My friends love coming over to play LAN.


So now I want some new fun games. Mind you, these computers aren't great, they cannot run Spore and Medieval 2 Total War. However, these are the games which they are running fine:


Warcraft 3 (Frozen Throne)

Age of Empires 2 (Conquerors Expansion)

Starcraft (Brood Wars Expansion)

Settlers 3 (Gold Edition)

Pax Imperia Eminent Domain

Unreal Tournament 1997


Most of the games are cracked so I don't have to have CD's in all their trays at once. So I would like to ask everyone out there if they have any good ideas on fun games to play. We like playing RTS games, FPS, RPG, anything fun. So suggest away!

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