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Sizzling noise from my iMac


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It's my first post here, so hi all! ;)


As the subject of this topics says, my iMac (20'', bought november last year), seldomly emits a weird and creepy sizzling noise, just like an electric "bzzz", basically.


Back in august, this noise had started to be more frequent, and the "bzzz"'s lasted even a couple of seconds, and this is not reassuring by any means). Then I went on holidays, kept my iMac off for like 8 days, and when I came back, the noises were (and still are) reduced both in frequency and intensity.


Right now, I hear the noise from time to time, and it's difficult to localize the exact part where it comes from, but I have to say that now it doesn't last more than some tenths of a second.


Besides that, sometimes I hear a "clack" noise coming from my hard disk (of course, I'm not talking about those noises when you start or shut down your mac). It's not so frequent, so I'm not entirely sure this is a *real* problem or not, and I don't know if it's just me being paranoid about this. (Like when the hard disk seems louder than before, when you intentionally pay attention to the little noises it makes).


I've already contacted the assistance in my city, and I think I'm gonna bring my baby to them on monday. Anyway, do you have any ideas, by chance of what that sizzling noise could be (or perhaps you even experienced something similar)?



Thankyou, bye!

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