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  1. OblivionMon

    Snow leopard on AMD PC?

    No, I don't think so.
  2. OblivionMon

    Vista really isn't all that bad

    I might have to agree with you a little bit there but I used vista ever since it came out until I just began to notice the horrible interface and I went searching across the net until I found docks for vista. After some time of searching I began to admire the interface of OS X; specifically OS X Leopard. I even went so far as to make my Vista comp look just like Leopard but it was fake, it was a mask over the face of a monster and upon researching Leopard religiously I noticed how much easier and intuitive it was. So I was led here and the rest is evident. With my experience OS X is really the greatest OS I have ever used. No longer do I need to scan my computer and set up schedules to do so, no longer must I traverse the Program Files Folder for a missing application and no longer shall I wish to see CCleaner again. I have rid myself of Vista, XP and the whole Windows experience, not to say others can still enjoy it but I really impose that once one sees the beauty, elegance, ease of use, and stability of Mac OS X Leopard, you can forget about Vista and hop on board the Mac wagon.
  3. OblivionMon

    Video-- My Hackintosh

  4. OblivionMon

    Sizzling noise from my iMac

    hehe lol That is rather odd though, where do you keep your iMac(i.e. skillet, somewhere shady, fully exposed to heat)?
  5. OblivionMon

    Spore and Hackintosh

    It works for mine but I first had to edit the NVKush.kext
  6. OblivionMon

    Video-- My Hackintosh

    The download is small and it goes pretty fast so I see no need, also it would lose a lot of quality.
  7. OblivionMon

    New MacBook touch ?

    hehe, nice!
  8. OblivionMon

    Video-- My Hackintosh

    Hey guys I really am grateful to Kalyway and this whole community for all of the tutorials and answers. Here is my Hackintosh, if you have any questions like on my wallpaper or dock just ask away. VIDEO http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=80230f7...2db6fb9a8902bda
  9. Ah, Cyber cafes... I wish we had those here in America.
  10. OblivionMon

    I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

    That is kinda rude though-- imagine your comp being corrupted when you went to the MAIN forum to get support, that'd suck big times.
  11. Obama has only 130 or so days more experience and he is running for President. Most of my views are Moderate but my views on abortion are rather conservative; while being logical too as abortion is logically murder with governmental and provisional consent. Logically all Pro-Choice arguments seem like some sort of belligerent denial of life and logic. OBmon †††
  12. OblivionMon

    Is Steve hurting Apple?

    I really think Steve has this Amazing passion for his job which no other future CEO will likely have.
  13. OblivionMon

    Greatest Mac in History

    Lisa was probably the biggest leap but OS X is like a super leap to me so close tie perhaps.
  14. OblivionMon

    Software Piracy

    Aye me boy some of us wee pirate lads be not stealers but simply that the software ye be talkin' of is sold by people who be makin' tons of money on the first place boyo-- ye need to understand that we pirates are not thiefs but intelligent shoppers.
  15. OblivionMon

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    Thanks for this! As my name implies I am an Oblivion fan-- this name was drafted in my anticipation for its release on the TES forums. Finally I can mod again!