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...now playing on your Mac.


Once again, ladies and gentlemen, me (Misterberu) and Xerxes9000sx bring you the latest (or at least most requested) Windows game via Cider. Counter Strike Source.

This game will run on all Macs (including GMA950) AND, as an added bonus, will run on official Steam servers :D



-No voice chat on some servers(you can listen but not talk)

-Red text issue still present. It'll make things hard to read. I will be working on a work-around for this but I don't know if we'll ever get one.

-Clouds and certain muzzle flashes appear... well... they don't. You'll get a purple cube with checkered squares instead. Oh well... it's not like you're really gonna be looking up too much :D

-Some servers won't allow you in (DirectX error)



The game is entirely playable. You just won't know for sure which server you're playing in. Oh well. It's CSS. Enjoy.

Keep checking in for more updates! If I have any I'll post them in the comments section of this Torrent at thepiratebay.org


Happy fragging!


P.S. Your preferences folder is stored in Macintosh HD>Library>Preferences>Counter Strike Preferences Preferences.

If you delete this folder it'll revert your settings back to their original form. This can be used to fix some bugs.




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