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  1. yes, thanks, even EveOnline refused to start and said hardware acc. is disabled. so i had to reinstall entire os with natit drivers and now i have QE, even preview working now.
  2. I am sure i am on 32 bit kernel , so no one face this issue? preview app is still not working here, i cant take screenshot, also QE is not enabled.
  3. I installed iAtkos S3 on my laptop, firstly i noticed, I cant see any dmg files, then i noticed , I cant see any images via Preview app. (i can see thumbnails with pics properly). And then I can see any video in VLC ( i can hear sound but there is black screen). What is wrong here? how can i solve this? is this happening with anyone else?
  4. I am facing same issue, I selected that USB fix too, now how do i undo this? i don't want to go for reinstallating the entire thing if there is easy command line fix. please tell me what to remove
  5. MSI U100 Resolution Problem Snow Leopard

    i am not that pro , i was cut off from doing hacks on osx86 as the old installation was perfect for nearly a year. new version of xcode iphone sdk has forced me to do all this. UPDATE: i ran netbookinstaller rc version and i got somewhat hi-res now . but still not 12** resolution and waiting for that.
  6. hello andy, i posted on your thread at osx86.net too. here are my quick questions. I am using patched _atom kernel given in the distro iAtkos S3 (10.6.3), can i still use your files in attachment to get hi-res? ================== netbooks-MacBook:~ netbook$ uname -a Darwin netbooks-MacBook.local 10.3.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.3.0: Fri Feb 26 11:58:09 PST 2010; root:xnu-1504.3.12~1/RELEASE_I386 i386 ================== http://imgur.com/2ThXX.png < My video card info. Do i need to update my chameleon ? which files? It would had been good if you mentioned did you use vanilla kernel on netbook or vanilla? Waiting for your kind reply.
  7. MSI U100 Resolution Problem Snow Leopard

    I am surprised that No one replied here with any hint/solution/kext . I installed iAtkos S3 maybe 20-25 times, i used graphic-enabler , still no luck i am stuck at 800x600 soft resolution. I just found out that, using this S3 , i dont get .dst file anywhere, i dont get com.apple.boot file anywhere, I think i am using Chameleon bootloader, shoudn't it give me those files? How should i go about it? Can anyone here with GMA 450 (27AE) graphic card on netbook help me out figuring what to install exactly? I have 10.3 kernel and 10.6.3 version of SL, If i install random kexts from internets it sends in kernel-panic or stuck at loop.
  8. MSI U100 Resolution Problem Snow Leopard

    hello URBANsUNITED, did you get this to work? I have IAtkos S3 (snow leopard) installation on my MSI U100 (27AE 8086 graphics) netbook. I have the same problem of no resolution above 800x600 and need proper graphics here. any hints from anyone else? i have 10.3 kernel on this 10.6.3 installation (by iatkos s3). will the 27ae script work here?
  9. wow. i would to sell oldish MSI netbook now and replace it with this
  10. is this going to hurt any (kernel/distro ) releases ? I havent followed this snowleopard release much .
  11. sounds too good to be true. has apple done something like this before?
  12. Is this legal?

    ya, my popcorn is finished too. Cya.
  13. Is this legal?

    hummm... lets see... we will watch you . /gets popcorn.
  14. VoodooSDHCI beta released

    nice, would like to see some initial reports first.