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  1. not working for me, i have java jre installed.. error says could not find the main class: kexts.KextsApp. program will exit.
  2. when you add or remove kexts you always have to rebuild caches or it will KP. boot with usb chameleon with -x to enter safe mode and then put new sleepenabler.kext for 10.6.2 and rebuild caches.
  3. safari, youtube, itunes, photobooth, ichat, skype, imovie - all good on msi wind, no problems. multitasking too.
  4. shockre

    VoodooPowerMini 1.2.4 for 10.6.x

    atom stays at 800Mhz according to cpu-x
  5. new sleepenabler doesnt work with old kernel
  6. @msimac you didnt remove sleepenabler.kext before putting new kernel. boot with your old kernel and remove sleepenabler.kext, download new 10.6.2 compatible version and install it. then it will all be ok.
  7. shockre

    Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Hi, I have full working 10.6.1 with EFI partition. i only have one problem: when my battery drains it instantly power offs, i dont want that, i want it to auto sleep on battery low. i had this working before on 10.5.8 with some file/script/something, i dont remember, but since msiwind.net is down i cant find that fix.. thanks
  8. shockre


    hi, i have sleep working, auto sleep working, waking up, but when my battery goes very low it just says that i have to plug it in or it will turn off and then it turns off. i would like it to auto sleep then! how? thanks
  9. Hi, When I install a kext (osx86tools or manually) after boot I get error that the kext isn't installed ok. And I can't set CPU info in osx86tools, it says that its ok but ti doesn't change anything on reboot/relogin. Repairing permissions doesn't help. When I check all the tasks in osx86tools and click run I get this error: how to fix that?
  10. shockre


    can someone post a new working link to this?
  11. shockre


    can someone please explain how to get time machine AND megalodon working? i can get only one at the time to work.
  12. i cant get it working with sapphire hd3850 512mb ddr3.. any suggestions?
  13. shockre

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    can someone help me with sapphire HD 3850 PCI-E 512 mb,please? i tried EVERYTHING but i just doesnt work.. i tried the installer method and manual method.
  14. shockre

    Status of Intel P45 chipset on Leopard

    dont know for that exact board,but on my ga-ep45-ds3l everything execpt audio works oob,audio need just one patch that installs by 2 clicks!