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Retail install guide for GA-P35-DS4 with chameleon EFI


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Now you stop responding to this topic? I should start reading from back.


I've burned 10.5.6 retail, set everything as you mention, install leopard, boot. Right now i am typing these in safari.


The first step after installing Retail DVD is install chameleon 2.0 right? I've told, i should go and check if the file called Extentions.mkest is in the /Extra directory


There is no such directory or i cant locate. /Extra is missing for me


Whenever i double click on chameleon 2.0 it sends Extentions.mkest to the /System/library

Then its wrong right? Anyway i jump to the second step is install GA-P35-DS4 essential, it says "run post upgrade script for essentials"


Disaster for me



Q4 6600

4GB ram

Sata piooner

Sata 250GB seagate

Zero hackintosh knowledge

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I have a problem using this guide.. I have the setup:





SAmsung SATA



I boot with 123-boot cd and then insert Retail Leo.. The grey screen appears, but when Leo finally loads, I just get a white or blue scrambled/dotted screen..


I booted in -v Mode and discovered theres the "device in Slot - Slot 1"...


then I tried booting with the -pci0 flag, but to no avail...


Has anybody a further suggestion? Or do I have to get a new videocard?


I tried actually Leo because I read that this card has no QE/CI Support in SL.. But I thought in Leo it ws running..







booted with -s Flag, installed.. everything running smoothly...

Any suggestions updating to 10.5.8 without ruining the install??



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