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Making a Little GUI for Boot 132


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Hi guys, Lets make this look professional by making a little GUI for this and it is Possible


but need some help on adding it into the ISOLINUX.CFG file which looks like this




PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 90 DEFAULT /mboot.c32 /boot --- /initrd.img


while the ones that I have seen look like this.




default install

prompt 1

timeout 0

display boot.msg

label install

kernel vmlinuz

append ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg initrd=initrd.img text


So if anyone can help me place the files where they belong into CODE 2 would be nice



I tried this


PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 90 DEFAULT /mboot.c32 /boot --- /initrd.img DISPLAY boot.msg


but never worked and gave me a checksum error


here is some more help




Thank you

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What does your boot.msg contain?


Try this one. Name your image splash.lss.


my boot image contain a little welcome text about the file, nothing do with codes, so did you get yours to boot up yet

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I think it's loading, but I think my lss image is not in the right format or something.


try mine see if it boots up with it and how did u get it to load what did you add in the ISOLINUX.CFG file



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What would be cool is that boot-132 advances to be made for Linux(Ubuntu pref), Mac OS X and Windows installion, and you could just have a drag and drop options for kexts and bootable from usb and not from CD for first installion and it could work with pcwiz's os x tools. This could be so cool for noobs and occasional lazy-asses like myself.

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try mine see if it boots up with it and how did u get it to load what did you add in the ISOLINUX.CFG file




Got it. The trick is to set PROMPT to 1 and TIMEOUT to 0 in the .cfg file. Now we have the splash, but we have to press enter to boot and then the splash disappears. So maybe a splash screen during the whole load is not possible with syslunix, because of it's limitations?

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Thats strange Im thinkin you should be able to. I have read of several threads and articles that they have managed to have the splash full time.

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u guys are really great. how close is this to having a real gui boot splash screen where it's less text-based? is it also possible to have 2 partitions in a single hdd (winxp on 1 partition & retail leopard on the other) as boot options?

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You can have Vista and Leopard on a single HDD. XP doesn't support GUID partitions

my problem is how to automatically boot to a particular partition of the harddisk. w/ the .cfg file in boot-132, how can i specify w/c partition to boot from?




my syslinux.cfg contains these:

DEFAULT vesamenu.c32

MENU TABMSG Press [ENTER] to boot selected menu entry
MENU AUTOBOOT BIOS default device boot in # second{,s}...

MENU COLOR title * #3366cc *
MENU COLOR sel * #ffffffff # FF5255FF *

LABEL Windows XP
KERNEL mboot.c32 boot

LABEL menu
KERNEL vesamenu.c32

LABEL Retail
KERNEL mboot.c32 boot --- INITRD.IMG

boot menu screen is displayed & after ONTIMEOUT, i intend to boot my retail leopard install w/c is in the 3rd partition of my hdd. but all i got is the usual boot/partition selector of boot-132: in my case, i have 3 partitions, winxp is on 1st, boot-132 on 2nd, & leopard on 3rd.

hd(0,1) Windows NTFS
hd(0,3) Macintosh

what should i do so that ONTIMEOUT, i get to boot the 3rd partition of my hdd?


another thing, tried MENU BACKGROUND but i can't seem to have my preferred image. what do i need to do?


advice pls. tia.

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I don't know about your ONTIMEOUT problem, but is the PNG file you're using for MENU BACKGROUND 640x480?

yup. image's resolution is 640x480. hmn.. why won't it be displayed as menu's background?


i'm more interested though to automatically boot my retail leopard install, which is in the 3rd partition.


any advice?




didn't expect that image should be named "splash" to be used as menu background. named mine as "background.png" & was not displayed. then i renamed as "splash.png" & voila! a pretty bootloader menu background. ;)


hope someone knows how to boot from a particular partition after initrd.img is loaded.


not sure but i begin to notice that after initrd.img is loaded, it's already beyond the control of syslinux. if this is so, what can do the trick of automatically booting the retail leopard install after boot-132?

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hope someone can really share his/her knowledge on how to automatically boot from a specific partition via the boot-132-syslinux.


else, this simple menu system via vesamenu.c32 is no other than a "pretty"-delay to manually boot a retail leopard install. :)

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If you have a big enough Thumb Drive, Have a leopard installer as one of the partitions and have the boot.plist point to the HD you want to boot. Use rd= ????

Haven't tried it but it WILL/SHOULD work.

hi there STLVNUB.


were u referring to somewhat like this?


it no longer makes use of syslinux, right?


will u know what are the minimum requirements for com.apple.Boot.plist to be loaded? & will it still be possible via boot-132-syslinux?

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