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  1. GLXOZ


    Thanks for your work!
  2. GLXOZ


    Great work, 24/7 w/o problem, thank you!!!
  3. GLXOZ

    Disk Utility (patched_v2)

    App works! Thanks for work!
  4. TimeWalker75a, thank you for your work, patch works perfect! HDMI bin-patch works on: i3-4330 GA-B85N Phoenix.
  5. GLXOZ

    Asus U3S6 Lion support

    2 toine44 Can you share ioreg-dump?
  6. You insert in system profiler internal devices? I think, it not right, only slot-inserted cards must displayed in PCI Card info. (sorry for my english, i'm russian )
  7. GLXOZ

    DSDT editor and patcher

    Your trouble fixed a long time ago. On applelife. In theme for this board.
  8. GLXOZ

    Raid0 Updater

    Cool tool, Taruga, thank you for your work!
  9. GLXOZ

    Any USB Apple keyboard / mouse...

    Cool work, Andy!!!
  10. Cool view, thanx for you for your work.
  11. Only one question - can help me reflash edited BIOS if I do not use a chameleon?
  12. I was flashed my GV-N98TOC-512I with 2d3d.rom.... All work perfect, no freezes on quicktime and itunes in snow and in leo, but..... Work DVI only, HDMI, D-SUB not works, in system profiller displays two connected monitors I hope this firmware will not kill my card. Any ideas?