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IOPCIFamily.kext + AppleACPIPlatform.kext


kernel uses that loaded by Duran in download together replace kext


good for Fx/buldozer processor

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Sorry im trying to decipher the info for this download but i don't get it, sorry


I need to replace the original kexts on my installer usb with these? 

and what about that kernel part in the message?


Sorry new to amd hack

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Finally I can boot OS X Yosemite In normal mode no more safe mode finally.

Glad to hear, make sure you check your system info to make sure everything is working as it should, like sleep/wake :P

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I tried (kext replace for Yosemite) and I can confirm that it WORKS for my system.


CPU: AMD FX 9590
MOBO:Asus crosshair v formula-z
RAM: 16 GB 
SSD: 120 GB

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This fixed my ails on my XW8600 machine with 1GB HD 6870.

CPU Xeon 5670 3.33GHZ

Mobo : Proprietary HP XW8600 

GFX : 1GB HD6870

RAM : 32GB

HDD : 500GB 7200RPM


NB ; Firewire appears to have stopped working. But i don't have a device to test, so not entirely bothered.

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Works for my FX-6300 and GTX750 2GB and Killer Ethernet E2200 using AMD Kernel for 10.10.5

Actually fixes my GPU and Ethernet issues.


But screws the serial numbers so cannot use the AppStore. Any way to apply the kexts mods without replacing the original kexts?

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Works just fine (together with some other hacks) for my Yosemite 10.10.5 AMD FX 6300 installation (mobo GA 990XA-UD3) with AMD HD 6770 graphics card. After installing the modified AMD5000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX3000.kext, the system would get stuck at a white-grey screen with a spinning ball. After the installation of these kexts (and I think a amd webkit patch) everything worked just fine. There was graphics acceleration, but the system reported the wrong graphics card (AMD Radeon 5000), but it's OK, it's just a misunderstanding (LOL).

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