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  1. You better of with aptiomemoryfix and rc scripts can't hurt aptiomemoryfix has the abilityv on most systems to fix nvram instead of replace
  2. Fixed it by booting from stick and putting my folder back hehe, not sure what happened, but i got some progress also, so il'll see if i can finish, but if i {censored} up and redo, ill definatly try your approach, would be abit stupid to now redo it while im got it nearly set up right :p right now figuring out online what the extra files are for wich will definatly help my progresss hehe
  3. thanks for the effort @maldon, and just to be sure how should i use this? replace the current clover folder? or use it as install source in a boot usb? cause i replaced the clover with mine and didnt boot, lots of fails in it also just making sure i'm not doing it wrong
  4. There ya go @maldon https://www105.zippyshare.com/v/MEYzeksY/file.html and thanks for the alternative
  5. @visin that problem with reboot? its a kernel panic warning, cause you installed clover to hdd and forgot to aptiomemoryfix, instead of osxaptiofixdrv+emuvariableefi (i think) i had it, its gone now credit to rehabman
  6. Hi @MaLd0n I was wondering, do you also make dsdt for my laptop? ASUS rog strix gl502vm
  7. What patche have you applied to your dsdt @mikembley ?
  8. https://t.co/GqepZFruA6 #MobileLegendsBangBang #free{censored} pfff

  9. JoachimCraeye

    New Pandora's Box III is out

    I thnink u forgot donate link in your app, i was looking for it, thanks man, great (read amazing) app
  10. I didn't use it but it has a great overlook, which helped me to get a better idea of what chapters the process includes, as i tend to overlook things without a great tut like yours and You did what many don't, including the dsdt editing, which i am very thankful for, nice job thanks
  11. JoachimCraeye

    5 on the screen nothing else on clover

    when you boot, befor it starts clover, press ctrl+alt+del , or , boot up to the boot selector from bios, then ctrl+alt+del and try again, sometimes it wont work, then just wait 2 reall life minutes it will pass OR can swap usb ports after ya did this aswell not sure what causes this but i had it also and this helped
  12. JoachimCraeye

    How to launch ATI-card by DSDT

    This is your example right? And would you mind posting an example of how it looks when the aTY_bin is pasted? i guess it will be something like : begin dsdt .... .. "ATY,bin_image", Buffer (0xEE00) { lotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexeslotslotslotslotslotsofhexes and lot more }, Local0) .... and the rest of the dsdt ofcourse. thanks for the time you take to help man
  13. JoachimCraeye

    Patched AppleUSBXHCI

  14. Also i would like to ask, how i can make my 'about this mac' window display the correct info, it currently says i have a 6750m 2048 mb , while i have a 6650m 2048 mb i know this is merely a cosmetic thing , but it would be nice if this could be corrected, having the same issue for my ram (displays 8gb while i have 16gb) but i think this is related to my macbook pro 8,3 smbios that probably thinks i have 2 ram slots instead of the 4 my acer has