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  1. My wife has the same exact laptop. I have built Hakcintoshes for Desktop and laptops (homebuilt PC, Sony Vaio SVS13, Fujitsu-Siemens amilo and ASUS EeePC) for years, but I have not managed to install Mojave (I even tried Sierra) on HP Spectre x360 2015. The best I was able to do is to reach to the screen for language selection and then it gets stuck there forever. Now, about your questions 1) I have not found ny guide for this particular model. I have found for 2016 and later model but it doesn't help because they have different GPU and that means different kexts and patches in the config.plist 2) Yes you can test the installation from an external USB disk 3) No. macOS must be on the first partition of the disk. You must create 2 partitions, the first for macOS and the second for Windows, but it's better to use 2 different disks, which is not possible on Spectre. In my case (Sony Vaio) I was lucky because it had a DVD writer. So I took it out, found a caddy that goes in the same place which takes a disk inside and so I kept the original Windows disk and installed macOS on the new disk. 4) There are guides for Spectre x360 2016/2017
  2. spyroskor

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    Hi guys, As I have already reported before, I had a successful installation of El Capitan, later upgraded to Sierra macOS 10.12.6 (Sony Vaio SVS13A1S9ES , 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD and replaced DVD player with a caddy for SSD and installed 128GD SSD, replaced original PCIe WiFI/Bluetooth half-mini card with AzureWave AW-CE123H, installed OS X/macOS onto 128GB SSD). With the proper modifications (reported on a comment above following the instructions posted by the guy of the original article) everything was working fine for months. Suddenly, 2 to 3 days ago, at some point I closed the lid of the laptop (something that I had done dozens of times before) to go away and continue my work later. When I got back and opened the lid, the screen was black (normal) and I pressed the right arrow to get the display on again. NOTHING happened! No matter what I did it kept being black. So, I long-pressed the power button to turn the laptop off and try again. The bootloader Clover loaded fine and I selected Sierra for booting. The system started booting, the little apple logo appeared and withing 2 or 3 seconds, while on first stage (the progress line started filling up) the screen started dimming until it was completely black! The system continued booting (I could see the disk light flickering) and continued like that for a long time, but the display never got alive. The system continued "booting" until I got tired and powered off the system again to try again. I pressed several key combinations (Fn + Prt Sc, Fn + Pause, Fn + F6, Fn + Insert, etc) trying to control the brightness, but nothing changed. I tried power off and power on several times but it kept doing the same thing. Starts booting, gets into the firsts stage, displays apple logo and progress line and then the screen dims until it becomes black. The strange thing is that it does the same thing even when I try to boot from external Sierra 10.12.6 cloned USB disks. The same happens not only with cloned Sierra external USB disk, but with an older El Capitan cloned USB external disk! I am stuck! Anybody has any idea of what happen? or how I can fix it, short of reinstalling El Capitan as per original article and go through the whole ordeal again? UPDATE June 25, 2018 EMERGENCY brightness solution (screen dimming during first stage boot) Connect an external monitor or TV through the laptop's HDMI port. Boot the system up and login. You will not probably see the login prompt but it's OK, just type in your password and press Enter. The system will boot into the normal macOS desktop. You'll have to wait for some time and press the mouse (it's better if you connect an external mouse) until you get the cursor shown on the screen. To see the dock you must take the cursor to the bottom of the screen and juggle it up and down. Then the dock will appear. The other thing you'll notice is that you cannot see the Finder window opening when you press on the icon on the dock. You must right-click on the Finder icon and select "All Desktops". Do the same for Safari, or other Applications. Run Clover Configurator Mount EFI partition Using Finder go to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/other Copy ACPIBacklight.kext to your home directory (for safekeeping in case it's needed again) Delete (move to Trash) the kext ACPIBacklight.kext Unmount EFI partition Reboot
  3. spyroskor

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    I have a Sony Vaio SVS13A1S9ES (6GB RAM, 750GB HDD and replaced DVD player with a caddy for SSD and installed 128GD SSD). Replaced original PCIe WiFI/Bluetooth half-mini card with AzureWave AW-CE123H. Installed OS X/macOS onto 128GB SSD. I had successfully installed El Capitan and updated it to 10.11.6. After the update a fix for audio was needed and everything worked fine. The I upgraded to macOS Sierra and upgraded it to 10.12.6. What was not working after the upgrade: Audio, WiFi and had boot screen glitch. How to fix them. Audio: Delete CodecCommander.kext and reinstall it into L/E. Download latest Lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext and place them into EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other. Devices Inject layout ID = 3. Uncheck (if checked) ResetHDA. In Clover at Acpi check AddDTGP and FixHDA. Place (if not already there) the AppleHDA patches into Clover KextsToPatch tab as per instructions. Insert (if not already there) the proper patches for HDMA into Clover KextsToPatch tab. WiFi: Download (if missing from previous OS X installation) FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext, BrcmFirmwareData.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and place them into EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other. Place into Clover KextsToPatch tab the following patches. Name: AirPortBrcm4360 Find: 4183fcff 742c48 Replace: 66c70647 52eb2b (47 52 is for Greece, for other countries one needs to find the proper code, follow the instructions) Name: com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4360 Find: 81f952aa 00007529 Replace: 81f952aa 00006690 Name: IOBluetoothFamily Find: 4885ff74 47488b07 Replace: 41be0f00 0000eb44 Second stage boot graphics glitch: Download IntelGraphicsFixup.kext and place it into EFI/Clover/kexts/Other. Also keep the patches regarding the glitch fix that were placed in Clover KextsToPatch tab when one installed El Capitan. I don't know if they are needed but I kept them. In Clover go to System Parameters and set Inject Kexts = Yes.
  4. spyroskor

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    I had installed the original version (EC 10.11) and after all the patches everything was working fine. I even had the WiFi card replaced with a compatible one. But...after I upgraded to EC 10.11.6 I have no sound output. All the kexts are loaded and I can see the HDEF@1B when I run IORegistry app, but no output devices when I check the sound in System Preferences. I have applied the patch suggested by the instructions when one upgrades to above EC 10.11.4. The only thing I was unable to do is to rebuild the caches after booting without caches because...I can't boot without caches! When I choose this option from Clover boot loader the system stays forever at the end of the line it displays during boot. Any ideas on how to solve this problem, I mean the sound problem. thanks
  5. spyroskor

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    My Hackintosh mobo: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 CPU: AMD FX-6300 Mem: 2x4GB On Board Audio Codec: ALC889 OS: SierraAMD 10.12.6 with kernel for AMD by Shaneee Now, can anybody tell me if I can use lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext to have native audio on this system? I have read that lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext (as well as WhateverGreen.kext) are built for Intel CPUs, but some people here have reported to have used them succesfully with AMD CPUs as well. So, what will it take to use them in my system? Edit: keep in mind that I have experimented with the kexts. I put the two kexts in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other and I turn the Sys.Par. "InjectKexts" into YES in Clover configuration. The kexts are successfully loaded (checked them out with "Kext Wizard") but nothing happens. No sound device recognized (the sound device window in System Preferences is empty) and the sound icon on the panel is grey. When I trash the kexts and re-install VoodooHDA everything works, but...the sound Is not very good, there is always some noise in the background (even though I have turned the onboard microphone inputs -back and front- to zero gain). So, I would prefer native audio. thanks in advance
  6. @Fantomas1 The flickering problem was solved by using SwtichResX and setting the number of colours to millions
  7. spyroskor

    AMD replace kext for Yosemite

    Works just fine (together with some other hacks) for my Yosemite 10.10.5 AMD FX 6300 installation (mobo GA 990XA-UD3) with AMD HD 6770 graphics card. After installing the modified AMD5000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX3000.kext, the system would get stuck at a white-grey screen with a spinning ball. After the installation of these kexts (and I think a amd webkit patch) everything worked just fine. There was graphics acceleration, but the system reported the wrong graphics card (AMD Radeon 5000), but it's OK, it's just a misunderstanding (LOL).
  8. macOS Sierra on AMD FX6300 with ATI Radeon HD 6770 (device ID 0x68ba1002) and mobo GA-990XA-UD3, works fine after inserting the ID into AMD5000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX3000.kext (full QE_CI) BUT...screen is constantly flickering and keeps alternating between blue based colors and the normal Sierra desktop colors. So, Sierra (10.12.5) is not fully compatible with Radeon HD 6770. Any ideas how to solve the problem?
  9. @pippox0 Please help. I have a similar case (laptot Sony Vaio, GPT disk 750GB, EFI partition on /dev/sda3, Windows 10 on /dev/sda5, Ubuntu on /dev/sda7+8+9 and El Capitan on /dev/sda10). I have copied manually CLOVER folder from the Install USB onto the EFI partition and tried to chainload it from GRUB 2. I have also tried all kinds of alternative methods but...no luck! Your solution seems promising but HOW do you EXTRACT boot from Clover? I have not seen any such file in CLOVER folder. PS I can boot into El Capitan fine if I boot from USB clover.