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Build_Clover.command v4.3.7

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Download Build_Clover.command v4.3.7

Clover Build Clover

An advanced script to build standard Clover... or customized by you..

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Yes, works in macOS X, in Ubuntu 16.04 + and Debian 8.6 +

more info and usage at the relative topic here

Big thanks to the following testers:
droples, Riley Freeman, pico joe, fantomas1, Fljagd, calibre, Mork vom Ork, Maniac10, Matgen84,
Sherlocks, ellaosx, magnifico, AsusFreak, badruzeus, LabyOne, Ukr55, D-an-W, SavageAUS, bronxteck,

and all others (I'll be happy to increase this list)

What's New in Version v4.3.7 (See full changelog)

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thanks, looks good, will try when i install osx again.

does this work with os x lion ?

does this work with os x lion ?

You have to set it this way:

GNU="GCC49"        # GCC49 GCC53 GCC61
BUILDTOOL="$GNU" # XCODE or GNU?      (use $GNU to use GNU gcc, $XCODE to use the choosen Xcode version)

Than make these lines:

cp -R "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/Clover/Patches_for_EDK2/* "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/ # in Lion cp cause error with subversion (comment this line and enable next)
# rsync -rv --exclude=.svn "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/Clover/Patches_for_EDK2/ "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2

to be:

# cp -R "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/Clover/Patches_for_EDK2/* "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/ # in Lion cp cause error with subversion (comment this line and enable next)
rsync -rv --exclude=.svn "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2/Clover/Patches_for_EDK2/ "${DIR_MAIN}"/edk2

U forgot the "U" in STLVNB

U forgot the "U" in STLVNB

Sorry Sir, next incoming update will be ok..

Hello Micky


Please help me


r3.2: I build Clover from scratch (option 8). For nam check, this message appears:


nasm check:


nasm not found..

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current

                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed

100 1295k  100 1295k    0     0   629k      0  0:00:02  0:00:02 --:--:--  629k

Archive:  2.12.02.zip

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/ldrdf      

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/README     

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/nasm       

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdfdump    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/LICENSE    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdf2ihx    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/ndisasm    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/nasmdoc.pdf  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdflib     

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdf2bin    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdf2ith    

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdf2bin.1  

 extracting: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdf2srec.1  

 extracting: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdf2ihx.1  

 extracting: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdf2ith.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/ldrdf.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdflib.1  

 extracting: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdf2com.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdfdump.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/ndisasm.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/nasm.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/man1/rdx.1  

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdf2srec   

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdx        

  inflating: nasm-2.12.02/rdf2com    

cp: /opt/local/bin/nasm: Permission denied





corrected v3.4 looks at  /opt/local/bin as well



Thanks Micky Its very smooth.

I install xcode and java before build.

Awesome job! Thanks guys!

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