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Sleep Working GeForce 8600 GT


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Sleep is working for me now. Whoot!


Here what I'm using:


Asus P5B Deluxe (BIOS Settings: Sleep S3 Only / Respost Video after Resume DISABLED)

XFX GeForce 8600GT 256MB XXX (See: http://newegg.com/ and find Item# N82E16814150229 )

Intel Q6600 2.40GHz Core 2 Quad

4GB Corsair 800MHz RAM

10.5.2 (Upgraded Kalyway) + All Apple Updates

9.2.2 Darwin Kernel (Vanilla) [Note: 9.2.2 replaces existing 9.2 Kernel after the Time Machine / Airport update - so be aware]


The only drawback is that I cannot power-off completely from a Shutdown (I think due to the 9.2.2 Kernel).

Although all processes are killed, the fans and power remain on. It's ok though, cause at that point, I just hit the power switch.

I am sure there will be a shutdown-fix for the 9.2.2 Kernel will available soon. Keep an eye on http://netkas.org .


Would much rather sleep than shutdown!


Hope this helps some of you out there! I have been trying for ages to get sleep to work!


Cheers to the community. I love this place.

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