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  1. I forgot about that one. I had another 8600GT before the one currently installed that I tried EVERYTHING on, but wouldnt work. I'll give it a shot. there is one other issue and that is partitioning. I'm not positive what exactly happened, but there is a "ghost" partition that doesnt show up in disk utility but shows up in the F8 screen on bootup and says its a foreign OS. now it being there isnt really what the problem is. the problem is when I go to reinstall OSX, I erase the hard drive to re-partition, and it says, "error: bad file descriptor." it deletes my OSX and Vista partition though. . . then when I go to repartition it says the same thing! (I believe. I'm typing from memory.) talk about frustrating! Then I wait a day or so and go back and partition (without erasing) and it works? its confusing as hell. Now I'm having an issue installing vista which there really shouldnt be any. First it said that windows cannot install due to GPT partitioning, which I found a fix for. I go to hit next and it says something like "unable to install". . . I've hit more walls than a crash dummy. this vista problem sounds like the same problem as the OSX but with different wordage. . .
  2. The only Issue I have is the black screen. when I boot into -x -legacy -v. I get no black screen and its in a higher resolution than 800x600. if it boots normally I get black screen. I've tried /movevideodrivers and I've also tried going into /system/library/extensions and rm -rf nv*.* etc etc etc. I've tried various driver (nvinject, nvinject 0.2.1 and 2.0, punk 92's installer). I've done this all and still get the black screen.
  3. Hi, well as fun as this experience has been, the troubleshooting has gotten old for me (actually just the black screen). I have officially moved to the vista pastures (where there may be just as much troubleshooting). Thank you PcWiz and Macciti for all the assistance and who knows, I may return for 10.5.3. . . Islander
  4. I believe S3 (should be S1). I'm at work right now, but I'll be sure to check. I hadnt even thought about that.
  5. when I tried installing the PS/2 update I had some problems (kernel panics and such). uninstalling the PS/2 update or reinstalling without PS/2 update may work
  6. Sleep Working GeForce 8600 GT

    what graphics driver did you use? if any?
  7. Alright well I'm not getting the resolution I'm looking for but everything else seems to work, so I've RMA'd my video card and having the XXX version overnighted to me. The XFX I have now isn't actually on the Hardware Compatibility List, I had mistaken it for the one I have on order. what a bone-head mistake. So right now the only thing I need assistance on, is getting sleep working. When I hit sleep, all applications close and the cursor disappears, but my desktop is still open.
  8. I've tested some minor overclocking and havent seen any interruptions. definitely want an after-market fan though. the stock intel fan wont cut it
  9. just tried it but nothin. black screens gone, but still no good resolution. is there something I need to do after installing it? all I did was restart my computer.
  10. wow I dont know what the hells goin on. I got home from work, tried reinstalling and everything went off without a hitch (except the resolution of course) I'm using it right now to surf the web. I guess I'll have to deal with the resolution now that I know its the least of my problems! I'm just gunna not fiddle with it for the time being and research the hell out of fixing the resolution without destroying another part of my computer. thanks for the assistance
  11. I was the 60th person to vote for my the favorite poster awards andI voted you! keep up the good work dudeok so I finally got around to working on my computer. earlier I had a problem with partitioning the hard drive, and I thought it had corrected itself but i believe somehow that caused the b0 error. when I try to wipe the hard drive it says bad file descriptor? Update: I visited the thread on partitions started by Rammjet to try and fix the b0 error in terminal, but when I type "diskutil list" it comes up with a "bus error"? Is it just me or have I really F'ed some shizz up? All I wanna do is start from scratch!
  12. when I go into terminal and type diskutil list it comes up saying bus error?
  13. are the 8800 series cards the most compatible?
  14. I'm thinking I should just RMA this video card because it looks like there is a problem with 8600GT cards. I'm looking for something that will provide me HIGH resolution without the headaches I'm getting with this video card. any suggestions? price range is anywhere up to probably $120