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  1. This is an odd problem. I have a 750ti that works great with the nvidia web drivers as long as I have my pc set to legacy boot. I want to use uefi, but I cannot seem to get my gpu to work when doing that. I get stuck at boot right after "missing bluetooth controller transport", which from what I've read is what happens right before the gui loads up. I've tried nv_disable=1, graphicsenabler=no, nvda_drv=1, and various combinations of those. Just a minute ago I rebooted in legacy mode so I could uninstall the nvidia drivers. Even with nv_disable=1 it won't work. I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions? PC: i7 4790 Z87 chipset evga gtx 750ti edit: So I'm thinking now it might have something to do with clover injecting Intel graphics when in uefi mode. This might conflict with the nv card? I don't know how to disable intel injecting in clover since I didn't enable it in the first place. It might not be injecting. I'll try to both enable and disable that. edit 2: Attempting anything to get the hd4600 working has changed nothing. No big loss since I'll never use the hd4600 at all, but I still can't get the 750ti to work with uefi. Works great in legacy/bios mode.
  2. NoSmokingBandit

    Chrome causing KP?

    I've been using Chromium since you suggested it and no KPs yet. I never liked Chromium since there was no way to auto-update it but it looks like they make an extension for it. Neat. I have NullCPUPowermanagement loaded via clover. I don't know anything else about power management. This is for a desktop, so I haven't worried too much about power management.
  3. NoSmokingBandit

    Chrome causing KP?

    Nope. I've been using Opera since Chrome started acting up and everything is fine as long as Chrome is not open. I've tried removing Chrome with AppCleaner and re-installing. Same problem. I'd be surprised if Chrome is the actual problem, I just can't figure out what else could be triggering this.
  4. NoSmokingBandit

    Chrome causing KP?

    I've used Chrome on my current hackintosh forever, but it just recently started causing panics. I can do anything else I want, but even if Chrome is running with no tabs open it will eventually KP. I can't make sense of this, what could be going wrong?
  5. NoSmokingBandit

    Super slow uploads to shared folders

    I'd like to follow up here and say I've made no progress with this at all. The protocol doesn't make a difference, uploads just suck. I was attempting an FTP transfer from my 'mac' to my NAS and speed would start at 2MB/s and steadily drop to <100KB/s. I rebooted into windows and got a steady 10MB/s. I'll try the RealtekR1000SL kext and see what happens. My board has a bit of age to it as well, so that might be the ticket. edit: Better but worse. With that kext my upload speeds can hit around 9MB/s. But after about 150MB it completely stalls and my entire system hangs, even if I force quit Cyberduck. I'll keep trying new kexts.
  6. I have NAS I've set up to share directories via samba. The NAS runs a basic version of Debian. On my main hack (specs in my sig) I can connect and download fine, but uploads take forever (about 5 minutes for a 30MB file). I have another hack running 10.8.6 because I can't be bothered to update, and it uploads perfectly. I installed Netatalk to set up a share via AFP, since samba is generally pretty terrible on linux. I got the same results. The slow pc uses Realtek 8111c NIC, which i'm pretty sure is the same as the fast pc, so the hardware should be able to handle everything just fine. I can't figure out what is making this pc upload so slowly. My upload speed is ~10Mb/s (yes, bits) according to an online test, which sould be much faster on my local network of course, but I can't even get 10Mb/s locally to my shares. What else should I try?
  7. NoSmokingBandit

    Can't get installer to load

    Yeah, my signature specs are accurate. I always use Chameleon because I've never gotten Clover to boot at all. Every time I use Clover my bios stalls right before the bootloader would start. Is there a fix that can be done with Chameleon?
  8. NoSmokingBandit

    Can't get installer to load

    I've been working on this for a few hours now and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the guide here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-yosemite/ to create an installer on my external hdd. When I go to boot up it goes through the normal fast-scrolling text where it loads kexts and whatnot. Then it reboots. Every single time. I don't know if there is a log file of this stuff anywhere, but I can't get it to do anything except load kexts and reboot. What can I try next?
  9. NoSmokingBandit

    Mavericks vs CPU temp

    I'm in the process of troubleshooting my pc, which unfortunately just died on me. All signs point to the processor being the culprit, which makes sense because the cpu fan was pretty heavily caked with dust (i know, i should have kept it more clean). I have my BIOS set to turn my pc off if the cpu temp gets too hot. Would osx interfere with this at all? I've noticed that the fans never speed up in osx even when I'm rendering long scenes in Blender, but in windows they'll speed up to keep things cool. Does anyone have experience with their cpu running hotter, or too hot, in osx vs windows?
  10. I know this post is old but I wanted to add that this doesn't work for me. ALC888 on 10.9. Audio works great, but pops pretty badly no matter what model I have in my SMBIOS.
  11. Doesn't UseKernelcache=n do effectively the same thing as -f? I'm just wondering if anyone else ran into this problem. It worked in 10.8 without -f or UseKernelcache... I'm going to try formatting my EFI part and reinstalling Chameleon from scratch.
  12. NoSmokingBandit

    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    This worked great for me. I am using HDAEnabler1.kext as well as an ALC888 (legacy) patched AppleHDA. Works great. I might try switching out HDAEnabler1 with the HDAEnabler module for Chameleon, but my kexts aren't loading from Extra/Extensions so I'm not sure modules are loading either. I'll report back if I ever try the HDA module.
  13. I've had an EFI partition set up for a while with Chameleon installed and everything always worked. With Mavericks it seems like the kexts won't load from EFI/Extra/Extensions unless I boot with -f. I can manually load the kexts with 'sudo kextload' to get things working once i'm booted up, but there must be some way to get it to work correctly again...? I have the latest Chameleon installed and no bootloader or Extra folder on my OS partition.
  14. NoSmokingBandit

    Keeping cpu temps under control

    Thanks, kind of. I've looked all over but I found no explanation of power states, but I guess I should have known what they do anyway
  15. I've been having a few panics lately and from what I can figure out it is being caused by my cpu overheating. It just started after I began watching rather large MKV videos, which I know can be taxing on a cpu. I've installed Temperature Monitor, which I know is not 100% accurate, but my temp jumps from 42ºC to 55+ºC in a matter of minutes while watching the large files. The problem is that my fans don't kick into a higher speed to compensate. They do when I'm in windows 7, but nothing happens on the mac side. I have nullcpupowermanagement.kext installed, and I have c-state and p-states enabled in chameleon (though I'm pretty foggy about what they actually do), but nothing is working. My fans always run at a low speed. I'm running 10.8.2, with a Q8400cpu in a GA-EP45T-UD3LR mobo. Any suggestions?