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CrossOver Issue in Leopard

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I ran into a similar problem with the WoW installer (among others), and I discovered that my issue was caused by my having formatted the system drive as HFS+ Journaled AND Case-Sensitive. This causes problems with many programs, and could be the cause of many other errors (Adobe CS3, Word errors, etc.), if your HD is indeed formatted for case-sensitivity. If your OS X system partition is indeed formatted in this way, you can re-install and recover from a time machine backup in the following manner:

  • 1. Boot into install DVD (kalyway, etc.)
  • 2. Reformat partition as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • 3. Re-install OS X
  • 3. Allow install to complete. Upon first boot, use migration assistant to retrieve your data from your time machine backup.


Hope this helps

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