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  1. Confirmed working for me too. Thanks to shamman, Bronya, jccool, netkas, and all others who have worked so hard and contributed so much to this.
  2. Hi, By "we", I meant the community in general, and didn't mean to imply membership or anything in any specific team on my part. Don't want to spread any confusion or anything.
  3. If you do install 10.5.3, you can regain QE/CI by re-installing the jccool 10.5.2 NON-EFI update. This, in combination with GFX and Audio EFI strings, gave me QE/CI back. While not an ideal solution, it will provide hardware acceleration until we can develop an updated fix based upon the 10.5.3 kexts. Hope this helps setlursh
  4. setlursh

    CrossOver Issue in Leopard

    Hi, I ran into a similar problem with the WoW installer (among others), and I discovered that my issue was caused by my having formatted the system drive as HFS+ Journaled AND Case-Sensitive. This causes problems with many programs, and could be the cause of many other errors (Adobe CS3, Word errors, etc.), if your HD is indeed formatted for case-sensitivity. If your OS X system partition is indeed formatted in this way, you can re-install and recover from a time machine backup in the following manner: 1. Boot into install DVD (kalyway, etc.) 2. Reformat partition as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 3. Re-install OS X 3. Allow install to complete. Upon first boot, use migration assistant to retrieve your data from your time machine backup. Hope this helps