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How to modify KEXT?

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Sorry for noob questions...

How do I modify a kext file, any editor is ok?

Is it correct that in order to have my external devices working I have to modify

kext files so that vendorID and deviceID are the same of the hardware?





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First off you dont edit a file in your extentions folder!

you copy it some where else like your desktop

then you could edit it just with good old text.

the wordprocessor witch is deliverd with your basic installation

edit what neads to be done then save the file.

then you use kext helper to put it back.

if kext helper dont work there is a other way but its a pain in the @$$

you will have to use terminal.

drag your kext file to the drive you installed osx in and release


Go to terminal.

type in :

sudo -s

*password* (if you dont have a pass woord just hit enter)


(then type: ls (this gives you a directory look to see if your kext file is there if not.

then type: cd .. ( space between the dots and the dots are verry importante importante

then do the ls thing again if your kext file is still not showing up do it again.

in the end you sould then to the top of you root

this will give you a nice list it sould show the same file's as if you would open your instalation drive.

oke there are a few more files (hiden that show up under terminal)

any way your kext file should be there now type in everyting exactly as below

TIP you can use copy paste!!!! saves a lot of typing


cp -rf NAMEOF.kext /System/Library/Extensions (NAMEOF= the name of your kext file)

chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/NAMEOF.kext

chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/NAMEOF.kext

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext


after this go to your diskutils app and repair your permitions

then reboot and keep your fingers crossed :(

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