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  1. Hi all. My issue is very minor, although it's sort of annoying. I do not know if it's limited to my "Hackintosh" or if it's an OS X issue. I can say that I do not have this problem on my MBP. After using Firefox or Safari for a period of time, I start to notice that the browser will freeze for a moment or two (sometimes longer, sometimes less) especially while watching YouTube videos. If I close the browser and restart it, everything is fine for awhile and then it starts to have the issue again. The longer I go without a browser restart, the more pronounced the freezing gets. While running TOP, I see that the browser causes the CPU to spike rather high during these times. I thought it may have been a Firefox issue, so I switched over to Safari for awhile but started to experience the same issues, although not as bad as Firefox. I am using the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Flash. Has anyone else experienced these hiccups? My system specs are in the signature. Any ideas would be appreciated. I realize this isn't a huge issue, but the OCD in me is going nuts over it.
  2. chawknz

    Alternative NVIDIA 10.5.6 Quicktime 7.55/7.6 Mouse Lag Fix

    Thank you SOOO much for this! I have been having this issue for awhile now, and only downgrading my Quicktime to 7.4something fixed this issue. However, in doing so I was unable to watch any downloaded TV/Movie content from the iTunes Store. With this fix, you allow me to run QT 7.6 which gives me no issues watching movies. Who knew the solution was so easy! Thanks again!
  3. So I was searching on Google for this issue and happened upon this thread. I felt the need to reply since the misinformation in the last few posts are quite extreme. The kernel messages you all are getting have nothing to do with Kalyway and everything to do with your running torrents. I am using the vanilla kernel that came with the 10.5.4 update , using Kalyway, so there is NO chance that "spyware" is somehow active in my kernel due to the Kalyway install. Complete and total b.s. I know this post is old, but this had to be clarified for those like me who may happen upon it.
  4. chawknz

    How to modify KEXT?

    I've always used Pico/Nano to edit KEXT files without any difficulty.
  5. chawknz

    D-Link WDA-2320 driver HELP!

    I too have a DLINK 2320 wifi card that I would love to get working with 10.5.2
  6. chawknz

    Looking to get a new video card any suggestions?

    I have an EVGA (GeForce) 7800GT. Works awesome with OS X. I would think you'd be able to find them pretty cheap nowadays.
  7. I am a new Hackintosh user as of last week and did it mainly to see how viable of an option replacing Windows would be. I guess I got lucky that all of my existing hardware is very compatible with Hacking and aside from my wireless NIC and SoundBlaster card, everything else works great, including onboard sound and Ethernet. Currently running 10.4.11 and when an easy installer is available for 10.5, I'll try to upgrade to that. If all goes well, I fully expect to keep a Windows installation somewhere, but use OS X full time. I see no reason not to, especially since Parallels is working flawless. I haven't used true Windows since my install.
  8. This worked for me too. Although I am running into a very minor issue. Sometimes after I reboot the machine, it gives me the normal gray apple logo screen , and when the monitor goes to switch resolutions before giving me my desktop, it remains black. I see the monitor LED switch to green meaning it gets a signal, but nothing happens after that. I did have one time where it moved on to the blue desktop, but no icons or dock or wallpaper came up. However, if I reboot the machine again, the system boots just fine.
  9. chawknz

    iATKOS (Uphuck) Leo DVD Status

    Well apparently even if it is 10.5, we should be able to upgrade to 10.5.1 and beyond with system updater with no problem. Thanks for all the work guys! Looking forward to this release.
  10. chawknz


    I love hit and run topics like this where the original poster never returns to the thread. Anyway, I am sure we're all excited for this release. The way I look at it? The longer it takes, the better it's going to be. Especially now that 10.5.1 is out, hopefully the delay will allow us to get the latest OS X version with minimal hassle. Take your time, guys! My computer isn't on a detonation timer.
  11. chawknz

    Hard Drive issue freezing BIOS

    I was considering doing the same thing. Let me know how it goes and I'll buy a cheap one off of Newegg.
  12. chawknz

    Hard Drive issue freezing BIOS

    Comforting to know there's others out there with the same problem. I feel less crazy. I am not sure what else I could have done differently during the install. Formatting the hard drive as HFS+ seemed to be the right way to go..I think. I've never seen an install of anything cause the system to freeze at the BIOS check. During boot time, sure, but not in BIOS.
  13. chawknz

    Hard Drive issue freezing BIOS

    I am not even sure I can format the drive because if I try to turn my computer on with the hard drive I installed OS X onto, the computer freezes at the point where the BIOS scans my IDE/SATA channels. The hard drive worked fine before I installed OS X onto it. They did not cause the system to hang at all. Once I installed OS X, the drives started the issue. This has happened with two hard drives now (and IDE one and an SATA drive), both cause the system to hang at the BIOS bootup process.
  14. chawknz

    Hard Drive issue freezing BIOS

    Any ideas? I won't bump this any more, but this is kind of bothersome. The hard drives are pretty much useless now since I can't even use them as a "slave" to format them from Windows booted off of my primary hard drive.