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am new , can help please ?

ahmed kamal

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hi all ,


am new to this forum, and new too to leopard but i like it so much . and i hope some one to help me .


i have acer aspire5710 ,1.73 dual core,2g-ddr2 ram,80sata-hdd,audio-alc268-hda .graphics-gma950


i install leopard 10.5.0 + vista + acronis os selector , and all is working fine . expext my sound card .


now my question is


* can i hear any sound from leopard (need driver or update) .

* my leopard version is 10.5.0 can i update it to 10.5.2 ? and there is any diffrences after update ?

* when try to run boot-camp it give me error saying i need to update rom firmware ? can i fix this ?

* and time machine is not working too ? i dont know why .

* can i remove the first text in boot "loading darwing" "something like that".

* and what is that called "vanilla kernel" ? and "efi" i see it in many forum but i dont understand what is it ?

* anything about power because no sleep and no battery . . . . etc .?

thanks very much ,

regards .

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1. You can get sound if you follow the instructions here Apple HDA Patcher. Download the file ALC268_Installer2.zip from that post and install it. It should get your audio going.


2. You can update it to 10.5.2 using Kalyway's 10.5.2 update. Do not update from Apple as it will kill your install. You can get the Kalyway update from the bay where pirates hang around


3. Bootcamp can be used only on real Macs. You should continue to use Acronis OS selector


4. there have been fixes to time machine. Check if it working after Kalyway 10.5.2 update


5. Darwin bootloader is binary. I wouldnt attempt modifying it


6. Vanilla kernel is the unpatched Apple Kernel. May work on your machine if its hardware closely matches a real apple mac and you install the PC-EFI patch. Your machine is capable of running Vanilla kernel if PC-EFI is installed


7. There is a modified Power Management bundle released in the forums. Search for that


Enjoy your OSX86 installation.

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