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  1. dear johnmatrix , what about sleep ? working ? and bootcamp control panel working too ? thanks . note : i installed windows 8 x64 rtm in efi mode but bottcamp control panel not working but sleep is ok .
  2. Dear ORPH , your info was very good actually but i have a question please . Did bootcamp control panel work ? And what about sleep ? Am talking about windows 7 x64 . thanks very much .
  3. hi everybody , i have macbook pro 2011 i7/8g ram/256 ssd vertex 4 , my ssd rating under windows 7 was 6.9 after applying the mbr patch it become 7.9 , very good . but the problem is bootcamp control panel didnt work , and sleep also didnt work , if there is any solution or other patched mbr or other method to enable ahci in windows 7 and make sleep working ? thanks .
  4. ahmed kamal

    rEFIt doesn't list Ubuntu

    dear , its not windows or ubuntu or mac problem. its a refit issue and supposed to solve soon , i hope . regards
  5. hi everybody . after success of installing triple boot (mac leo + win7 + ubuntu) on my macbook 13.3 . i found a very bugy problem , my hdd partitions : 1-mac 2-win7 3-ubuntu 4-shared ntfs . i installed refit for triple boot , but when refit lunch i see 4 partitions (mac-win-ubunt-shared ntfs) so why this happen ? and if there is any solution . it take 2 weeks to search for this problem without luck . i hope someone can help . note : when i format the ntfs partition to fat32 >> it disappear from refit menu . and all is ok . thanks for any help .
  6. ahmed kamal

    rEFIt doesn't list Ubuntu

    the same thing here , hope to find a solution .
  7. ahmed kamal

    macbook 13.3 issues ?

    thanks so much joe . but in no.4 ,can install windows 7 rtm and use bootcamp 3 drivers ? note : i tried many times befor to install nvidia drivers from the website and it success without any problems . so why not ? thanks again for reply .
  8. hi all, i have macbook 13.3 2ghz ,2g ram ddr3 , nvidia9400m ,realtek hda ,hdd 500g . i have many question please and hope who have answers to tell me . and thanks again for help . 1 : when i install vista 32 ultimate or windows 7 and playing games or on desktop my macbook freeze completly (not alwayse) and need to restart it . but on mac os it neverd happened . why ? is this driver issues ? or what ? 2 : can i download and install nvidia 9400m driver from nvidia website instead of installing the one who came with bootcamp 3 ? also the sound and chipset ? what will happen ? can i ? because the driver on bootcamp is not updated . 3 : after installing bootcamp 3 the mac partition shows in windows . can i hide it by any method ? or must return to bootcamp 2.1 so it hide it automatically . 4 : for the freeze problem its matter if i installed vista or vista sp2 ? thanks very much for anyone help this questions i alwayse hope to find any one can answer . regards .
  9. ahmed kamal

    kernel question !

    sorry but how can i use it ?
  10. ahmed kamal

    kernel question !

    plase people , why no reply ?
  11. ahmed kamal

    kernel question !

    hii , i know its a stupid question but who can i tell , so i post it here again and hope to explain . when am trying to search or download or installing leopard (kalyways or leo4all3) "i dont know the diffrences" all going fine , expect sleep ,and my screen resolution . i see all talking about the "kernel" . in fact am windows user , and i dont know what is this kernel and how can i use it and which one can i choose for my laptop . thanks very much , "please all i need just 1 reply with full explain thanks again" . my laptop spec : acer aspire 5710z processor : intel 1.73ghz dual core . "working" ram : 2 * 1ghz = 2ghz ddr2 ram . "working" vga : intel gma 950 . "reolution only 1024*768" sound : alc268 ."working" hdd : 160g toshiba sata . "working" camera : chicony or acer crystaleye webcam " fail" >> "never work" dvd rw . "working" broadcom wifi ."working" broadcom ethernet . "working" keybad and mouse . "working" modem : hdaudio . "working" i love leo .
  12. ahmed kamal

    video + sleep + performence ?

    no answers ?
  13. hi dears , last night i installed kalyways 10.5.2 on my acer aspire 5710 laptop . but i have some question hope to find the answer for them . i have intel gma950 graphics card . befor 2 weeks i installed 10.5.1 and then update it with kalyway 10.5.2 combo update and my graphics card support all resolution at this time , but when i installed this version at this time i found only "1024*768" mode . and i cant change it . so how can i make it 1280*800 like befor ? second , i never seen the "sleep" working . if there is any fix for that ? and how can i know if my system is fully working with maximum performence ? thanks very much . regards ,
  14. hi every body , please i have a little question here , i have acronis os selctor , with vista and leopard installed . all working fine ,when my pc start os selector load and ask me to start vista or leopard in graphical ui , i run it in full screen mode and customized icon for leopard , but when i right click or press the right click button in my keyboard its show a menu "boot , edit, delete . . . " . my qestion is : as i customized my icon can i disable this right click menu ? so all i can do in this screen is choose which operating system to start or shut down , no other option . and another thing . is shutdown button working ? because i think its not working , when i press it , it give me long beep . thanks , regards .
  15. ahmed kamal

    acronis os selector

    hey people , no one can answer me plz ?