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Apple, The Evil Genius in Wired Magazine

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There's an interesting article in Wired Magazine how Apple doesn't operated like most Silicon Valley companies, and have become pretty successful the way they do operate. There's a great apple logo on the cover too.






Also check out Pray to Evil Genius at http://gizmodo.com/368903/wired-on-apple-p...ius-in-11-years

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For years, Jobs dismissed the idea of adding video capability to the iPod. "We want it to make toast," he quipped sarcastically at a 2004 press conference. "We're toying with refrigeration, too." A year later, he unveiled the fifth-generation iPod, complete with video. Jobs similarly disavowed the suggestion that he might move the Mac to Intel chips or release a software developers' kit for the iPhone — only months before announcing his intentions to do just that.

Typical Jobs.

Talking to outsiders is forbidden; employees are warned against telling their families what they are working on.

Area 51 much?

Want to run OS X? Buy a Mac.

Hehe, guess they never visited this forum.

No other company has proven as adept at giving customers what they want before they know they want it.

Heck, the same can be said of Taco Bell. Gordita Crunch anyone?

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