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Logitech QuickCam PRO 9000


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Yeah, you can use it with iChat and photobooth without macam or iChatUSB and you can also use it for vocal work in Garageband without getting the mickey mouse voice during playback!!!


Thank me now.


The camera cost me $99US dollars.


It is wourth the money because first of all you can no longer order iSight, it is discontinued....


And Ebay has them listed from $360 and up.



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I have the Logitech 9000 we're using on an ibook G4. It does work well for a webcam with Skype. When I record audio using Quicktime, it defaults to a low quality mono setting, and when I select the built in mic, it goes to high res stereo. Unfortunately there are no controls to adjust the quality, at least with Quicktime. Also when recording video to the hdd using Quicktime, the frame rate drops to a very low number when raw is selected, so you get super high resolution, but with ridiculously slow frame rates which make every movement blurry. No adjustment seems to be there. Is there any way to click off a high res frame, easily? The lens quality is superb on this cam.

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My experience with a fresh build of leopard (Darwin 9.1.0) and the Quickcam 9000 has been poor. Although through iChat the quickcam image quality looks superb, it is almost unusable in Skype as a video conferencing tool. I will admit that there is some latency because of my Wireless network setup (two bridged routers, main one upstairs hard wired to comcast and a daughter downstairs), however, the video conferencing is improved vastly when connected to my Vista Notebook (Dell Inspiron e1705).


One notable difference in Skype (besides the autofocus, face tracking and effects that I don't use anyhow) is that I am prompted that a "High Quality Webcam has been detected" on my Vista install, and I recieve no such message in Skype for Mac. I am going to play around with it further, including swapping the cable modem to my downstairs office where there I can ethernet it to my desktop vs. wireless bridge, make sure no firewall is interfering with the default skype port, and check that USB 2.0 is fully implemented (again, the image quality looks superb in iChat) and let you know!




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Any UVC (USB Video Class) device should work in OS X (Tiger 10.4.9 or higher) without any additional drivers.


Starting on Monday (April 21st), the QuickCam Pro 9000 will only be $45.77 after rebate at Buy.com in case anyone is interested. If you sign up for Google Checkout (free), it'll take another $10 off.


Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

5% off coupon


List of other compatible webcams


Logitech constantly updates the model of their products which may make a webcam no longer work in OS X (since they don't officially support it).

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Don't work for me.

Hackintosh don't see the camera.

How fix that?


I'm just built my first snow leopard hackintosh.

My Quickcam pro 900 works with Photobooth, but ichat crashes when I start the video (I can see the camera led turn on for a sec before this happens). Image capture does not see the camera nor does macam.


My setup is Gigabyte X58 UD5 MB with intel I7 975 processor.

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