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Your favourite OS X freeware


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Just wanted a start a thread for fun on your favourite OS X freeware. Has to be freeware or donationware, but it can even be shareware that doesn't limit functionality, just maybe a nag screen. Here are my favourites that I install on any new system:



Lightweight image editor that just gets the job done



Package extractor/opener. Can't live without it when you are on a hackintosh


VLC Media Player

Plays any video or audio format and its free


The Unarchiver

Handles most common archive formats and a good alternative to Stuffit


Kext Helper

One of my "new" favorites. Easiest way ever to install kexts



The best BitTorrent client for OS X period.


What are yours?

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Adaptive app launcher, search, and organizer


Camino - Core2 Optimized Build

Superfast lightweight web browser



Monitor selected files for changes and alerted when error messages are sent to /tmp/console.log.



Lightweight cli bittorrent client



Text editor with syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages, authenticated open and saves, command-line utility, and ability to run commands and scripts from within the application.

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Whatsize: Tells you where all your hard drive space has gone from {censored}


XCode 3: for making OSX dvds, lol


Monolingual: For removing Powerpc, foreign languages, and debug info out of binaries, thus saving hundreds of megs of HD space


Geekbench: For testing CPU/Memory accurately


Openmark: For testing 3D capabilities (These two utterly own XBench)


Sheepshaver: For good ol' OS 9


BasiliskII: For fun times with System 7.5.5


ZSNES: For SNES emulation


VBA-M: For GBA emulation

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Quite by coincidence I started using Smultron today and all I can say is WOW. It has syntax for virtually every computer language ever invented. Excellent app.


Nice lists everyone :D I'm sure these lists will give a starting point for OS X noobs.

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