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Q6600 Temperatures


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Hi Guys,


At first sorry for my bad english knowledge.


I have noticed a BIG problem after i installed Leopard to my new PC.


I have installed iAtkos Leopard 10.5.1 With everything working.


The only thing i can´t live with, is the extreme temperature of the CPU cores.


I get idle temps around 50 degres on every core.



In windows i get 25 - 30 deg under idle conditions.


Such high temps i dont get in windows, even after stress testing with prime95 for some hours my temps are below 50 degres


There must be something wrong.


Please help me out before my CPU gets on fire.



MB: P35-DS4

CPU : Q6600 @ 4 x 3,4 GHz

RAM: 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz


Cooling: Watercooling and 2 big Case Fans.

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hmm...I'm using E6300 @ default and do wanna know the temp?


it's 60'C on idle and 70'C on load, this when I'm on leo


in widows, idle is 45'C, full load is 60'C


aren't mac just as hawt as the processors get.... LoL


but I don't think there's anything wrong, my PC is still fine


and btw, I'm using stock HSF from intel, yeah my cpu is just very hawt.....

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I dont think you are reporting the appropriate temps. What you see in OSX using temperature monitor are core temps that are directly recorded from the die core and are more reliable. With a Arctic cooler on Q6600, they are usually near 50s in Windows (use some coretemp utility) and 35-40C for the temp recorded on the outside of the core (which most of the generic mobo utilities or others report). I have always seen, for example a difference of 15 between EasyTune (on gigabyte motherboards) reported temperature and using direct core temperature read-out utilities.


I was actually pleasantly surprised to see core temps around 45C on mac, under idle and mild load conditions and under 60 for load, which is okay. the highest T-junction temperature is 100C.


Please correct me if I am reporting something incorrect. I would like to know if it is. thanks,

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