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  1. Nonsense partitioning a drive GPT is what creates the EFI partition once that is done for a new install all that needs to be done after cloning is mount the hidden EFI on both drives and copy over the old EFI directory to the new partition. The EFI booting on the motherboard then takes care of the loading of the boot???.efi in that partition/folder contained in it when it starts up.
  2. Of course 1600mhz ram works it will just drop back to the supported 1333mhz speed as it supposed to according to the specification for doing just that on machine that does not give you the extra speed. Hell I even have two standard PCs here that I used left over ECC ram from when I had a 5,1 machine. It works fine in them but that is not the same as a firmware limitation on the size of the modules that can be installed/supported. Hopefully it works for you when they get there. Christ I despise 504 Bad Gateway ngnix as a web server software.
  3. Deleted duplicate post.
  4. Even if it did could run into firmware limitations, time to call Apple and see if they put support for those size of modules in the 2010 machines.
  5. If it is nvram problem then give the commands in this thread a try. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284656-clover-general-discussion/page-29
  6. MacUser2525

    everything except Ethernet works, cant find kext

    Pacifist allows you to mount package files and extract the files within it if you want to try, but you are probably better off with the add-in. I had that card in the first motherboard I ran OSX on many years ago and as you say it worked out of the box.
  7. MacUser2525

    everything except Ethernet works, cant find kext

    That should just work unless they have removed support for it in OSX and just because the driver is old does not mean it will not work for that linked .kext sometimes it is just a matter of editing the Info.plist to change the highest supported OS. Damn now I mention that might work for the one you have now.
  8. MacUser2525

    everything except Ethernet works, cant find kext

    This thread looks promising failing that surely you have a spare $20 to buy add-in pci-e network card get something based on the realtek 8111 chipset check the thread for that card family by Meize the programmer of the .kext for list of supported chipsets if you go that route. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/247470-bcm5722-bcm5754m-bcm5755m-bcm5787m-and-bcm5906m-nic-driver-3264-bit/page-11
  9. Indeed it does have used that as soon as I found it as alternative to the steaming pile of dung that Apple had for the job, when I first started using OSX nine or so years ago now in a months time I think it would be when Leopard came out and I started this hackintosh thing.
  10. Not a thing it was only a cloning of a booted OS on external drive to the internal by CCC so it never touched it. All that needs to be done by you is mount mini EFI partition on spinning drive copy the folders there to safe location then mount SSD EFI partition delete anything in it and copy the directories/files that were saved to it and put drive in machine. Edit: If you have external enclosure to put SSD into do that boot it on the mini by holding option key during startup to select it from the list presented. Once booted check around in settings/test out programs for any problems if none then you are good to go on install into machine.
  11. Well been forever I have been looking for this and today while surfing through the MacRumors forum I finally found it. Someone posted a link to this wonderful little program QLVideo that will do exactly that as the page on its site says. The link to get it to install is here. https://github.com/Marginal/QLVideo
  12. Network will just pickup the change and get its IP using the new card it finds, time machine if using it will see changed machine and ask if you want to replace/reuse the backup with it. Ah screen resolutions may need to be changed depending on what the old card supported. Don't think there was anything else when I did similar couple of weeks ago on the EC upgrade when it failed on my brothers Mac Mini and left the machine in unusable state so I had to clone my hack install to it to get it upgraded. All four of my hacks upgraded perfectly fine the only real Apple machine failed, go figure eh!
  13. Check this thread below it is for similar motherboard. Firstly try getting it going without the video card and stripped down boot flags. Namely no dart=0 unless for some reason you want the vt-d enabled in the BIOS, the GraphicsEnabler is either a Yes or No not a 1, rootless=0 is depreciated you need the CSRActiveConfig or similarly named set for El Capitan in Clover to disable the SIP now used in it basically just a -v there until you are certain you need something else so you can see where it fails. Now I think about it theGraphicsEnabler is Chameleon flag you need the Inject either ATI, Intel or nVidia set in the Clover config.plist for graphics. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312085-guide-macos-sierra-1012x-on-asrock-h170m-itxac/
  14. In Terminal bdmesg |grep "Clover revision" will tell you for sure.
  15. Your welcome. Should be ok just make sure you have the vt-d virtualization turned off in the BIOS and the disk controller set to AHCI and see how it goes.