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  1. Sorry for getting back late here. But I figured out. I can write a detailed post later (remind me with PM if you are still lost), but I will try quickly telling you what I did, especially since that is my office computer, and I am at home right now. First of all, after trying so many things which were just not working out, DVD boot or USB boot method, I tried this post and it worked wonders. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185097 While installing, remember that do only the "essential" install, and uncheck all the optional things. Later you can install the BSD package and applications and printers etc. Check out all the options that this patch installer gives you. Sometimes, the Extra kexts are not installed. You can go back to options and just redo it. Also, I figured my 8800GT worked best (CE/QI) when I used the Netkas 10.5 boot file (while installing I chose the chameleon RC3 package). I also chose to change the com.apple.boot.plist file to include the following kernel flags -v -x32 arch=i386. Now about PIIXATA. You will still have problem when you will reboot after installation. So I used the source code patch for IOATAFamily.kext supplied by this gentleman, and it worked best. Remove the AppleIntelPIIXATA from the plugin folder alltogether. This alone worked for me and no kernel panic. Now you can also additionally do this and it should work okay. download the patched PIIXATA from deneb, and then install directly in the Extensions folder. Dont forget to remove the caches from Startup folder in the Caches folder (new location for mkext file). Also, remove all the PIIXATA kexts or any IOATA related kexts from Extra/Stored_Kexts (or Extensions) folder. Just keep fakesmc, ATY_init and IOAHCI and this enough. Remove the Extensions.mkext from Extra folder and regenerate it. Finally, when you are ready to boot for the first time from snow leopard, boot as -s -v arch=i386 -x32 then generate kextcache as outlined in the link above (or: kextcache -v 1(this is one, and not l) -m -t /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions/ if you encounter any trouble here (like authentication etc), just do this chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/ and then run the kextcache command again. Once you are done with this, reboot and again use -v -x32 arch=i386, and you will be fine. If you are good to go, then you can remove this kernel flags from boot plist file as well and you will be booting in 64 bit mode. Also dont forget to install the Netkas boot file. finally if you get the startup screen reloop, let me know and I will tell you what to do. good luck.
  2. Folks, please help me get through this. I have installed snow leopard using this guide, which has worked very well for me before on a gigabyte board, and I think it will work for xw8400 as well, if not for that damned ApplePIIXATA.kext problem: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185097 Problem: Be it USB install that I tried before or the above guide install and reboot direct from snow leopard install, the boot kernel panics at ApplePIIXATA (IOATAFamily). I tried to look into BIOS, unfortunately I cannot see any option where I can get only AHCI, so that I can remove ApplePIIXATA and be not worried about it. There are only three options 1) Separate IDE controller (primary + secondary); 2) Combined IDE controller; 3) RAID+AHCI. I have tried using 3 options, and removing ApplePIIXATA and it still panics. So now I just leave this kext there. Another issue is I might need ApplePIIXATA anyway since I have optical drive attached on the IDE port of mobo (please correct if this is wrong assumption). Please guide me to choose a patched ApplePIIXATA.kext or a patched IOATAFamily kext, so that I can run two SATA hard drives (attached on SATA ports buy controlled by separate IDE controller) and an optical drive attached to IDE port. Specs: HP xw8400 workstation Intel Xeon 5130 Core 2 duo processor, 8GB Ram, 512 MB 9800GT card (Leopard has worked excellent on this; no issues with sleep or restart, or upgrades; even dsdt was not needed)
  3. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    Can anyone suggest how I can resolve this? I can get to the installer but I cannot see any hard drive except the USB drive. I have already generated kext cache etc and seems to work okay. Do I need to ApplePIIXATA.kext (Another interesting thing, if I reboot using -v just to see message, I get hung up on that grey screen with a pointer that turns to beach ball. But if I simply hit enter on the install USB partition and do not enter -v, but still keep the -f -32 options, I get to the installer. Does this have anything to do with the hard drives not showing up?!)
  4. does someone have answer to this? I find it unlikely since I have taken this route before and did not notice any difference but then again I did it just for fun and never used it any longer! I have a 965P-DS3 / Q6600 / 8800GT, and just getting itchy to try this out as soon as my copy of snow leopard arrives (from uTorrent). (sorry I am planning to buy SL soon from Amazon as well.
  5. 10.5.7 Released

    At least for me it was not needed to be installed in /Extra. I had both Disabler.kext and AppleDecrypt.kext in the /S/L/Extensions folder. That appleintelcpum that you ask, it just goes by many names i think or different kexts for the same purpose: Appleintelcupmdisabler.kext, disabler.kext, etc. I updated directly (oh well, first downloaded the 10.5.7 update from apples website), and everything went smooth. No opening up terminal and entering those commands before install and then replacing dsmos.kext after the install but before restart. AppleDecrypt and Disabler.kext do all the job for you. And I have both Appleintelcpumanagement and Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext in my extensions folder. cheers!!
  6. Why do I see my hard drives as ejectable (like external hard disk) in pathfinder? They seem fine in hard disk. Also, after installation, I saw that booting had gone little slow. In the same vein, what was the point of including the hard drive related three kexts in the installer? Can they be replaced with what I had before? finder_and_pathfinder.tiff
  7. Little old thread, but if someone is looking regarding this problem, then here is one possible scenario with same symptoms (menus, dock misbehaving) although not related to tarugas patch, Its a Mouse problem. If you are using one of those cordless laptop mouse or one with weak wireless signal (or attached at the back of the computer out of line of sight), then you may get this symptom. I got this many months ago and suddenly stared getting it today. After scratching my brain hard why it appeared again, I figured I had attached the USB receiver at the back of computer out of sight (it is a laptop mouse). Shifter the place and there it goes all fine.
  8. Well I guess as long as you dont sync your passwords and other autofill info, syncing bookmarks should be fine. They are nothing but an xml list of urls, or am I wrong. Well, I rarely use firefox myself and I like safari fast launch and no frills nature. But I was looking for syncing bookmarks for quite a long time. There are other utilities like Dropbox, sugarsync, etc but they sync folders, and syncing safari folder creates weird issues. Foxmarks has been reviewed quite a bit for one of the best firefox add-on, and wasn't available for other browsers, until now. So for me, sync safari bookmarks between multiple computers (macs) work awesome!
  9. For those who had been looking for synchronizing bookmarks in Safari across multiple computers, we finally have a solution. The Foxmarks guys (who brought foxmarks add-on for Firefox have finally released foxmarks for Safari and IE on Feb4th, 09). Go and download it @ - http://www.foxmarks.com/ So now you can: 1) Synchronize bookmarks between multiple browsers on the same computer 2) Synchronize bookmarks between multiple computers (e.g. office and home) 3) Synchronize bookmarks between macs and windows OSes.
  10. Say hello to another clone: https://www.pearc.de/
  11. You probaby have that PCGENUSB.kext issue. Looks like you must have it. Make sure you do.
  12. click options at the top of the thread to change it to standard view. Regarding USB, not sure if you have that PCGENUSB problem I had talked in the first post. Also, are you on 10.5.5. I got a problem recently and have listed as update in my first post. Anyone getting USB problems after 10.5.5, please check first post if that is relevant for you.
  13. i could not get this to earlier. I have SATA HDD and DVD is on IDE. Use kalyway, it should work fine. I remember I also got that still waiting for root device. But I think I figured that in the BIOS, I had to change the storage drive controller to Individual IDE SATA controller (dont use RAID+AHCI). There were few other options that I tweaked, but dont remember right now. On the boot order option, choose sata device as first (press enter and drag using arrow keys and release). i hope that helps.
  14. use both 9.2.0 system.kext and kernel and you should be okay.
  15. did you get this file or not yet? PM me and I will send you the file if you still haven't got one. @frigaut, thefez, SlickNick_za, .... good luck with your working Leo. Now do some work also on that awesome machine. And don't forget to thanks Mysticus as well for his valuable input.