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  1. leopard in acer aspire one

    memes, i have an aspire one using preboot with munkys guide. i have had audio working in the past, but have not been able to get it to work with pre-boot. can you zip up the kexts used for audio and post for me. also im quite close to sleep working. i can get it to go to sleep, kill network, flash power button ect, but wake doesnt work properly. if i can get audio/sleep/and card reader working, this machine will be 100% with vanilla install (hd can boot mbp / hack mac tower ect, already tested.) dave
  2. Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    attempting to use beta1 on aspire in my sig. clean install of retail leopard from 10.5.0 dvd, 10.5.4 combo update, remove AppleIntelCPUPower... drop in dsmos, natit and gma950 kexts, repair perms. get this KP
  3. 10.5.5 update broke my osx

    try booting into single user mode and repairing your permissions on the Extensions folder. you may also need to reinstall your video drivers. dave
  4. using efi strings, or at least trying to edit: dropped natit.kext in chmod / chown and boom its up. now to the other niggling things.
  5. im trying to do a clean install on the q6600 box in my sig. i am currently freezing on boot heres what i did: FROM MBP: format drive guid 1 partitition install leopard from retail dvd 10.5.0 (OSInstal.mpkg) install 10.5.5 combo update install chameleon from pkg installer run post patch, left of hda as i have alc888 not alc889 FROM q6600: put drive in and boot -v shows mdns errors, restart into single user mode, ran chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/*, chwon -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions, rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext reboot now it hangs after loading ocspd with no errors on the screen i am able to boot into safe mode using -f -x -v any thoughts?
  6. Building from scratch

    id consider the q6600 (can be had for $175) 8gb of ram instead of 4 (if the mb you buy supports it) and the acer aspire one as the netbook ( kinda partial as i have one, but its a sweet little machine that too minimal effort to install{change the wifi card and install kexts after boot})
  7. the caddy trick will work. there are a few threads on how to use another machine to setup the hard drive for the intended machine.
  8. Changing Chameleon Default OS

    no one has any thoughts on this. I have searched this site and many others and cant seem to get any info on this. im sure someone has encountered similar issues. come on, anyone?
  9. Changing Chameleon Default OS

    anyone have ideas?
  10. Mac OS 10.5.5 Out!

    i also hung on install on a vanilla system at about 35/36%. I needed to do a clean install as i have a pair of 36gb raptors i wanna install to. Gonna do 10.5.4 and wait out 10.5.5 till some more people give feedback. dave
  11. Mac OS 10.5.5 Out!

    pulling the trigger now. will update shortly (doing this on office desktop in my sig)
  12. Kabyl, I have a acer aspire one. I was wondering if your bios mods would encompass changing the sleep states for this to enable sleep on the device. a link to my bios is here: v3109 http://www.humyo.com/240597-176770179 or v3114 ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/asp...bios/v.3114.zip full specs: * Processor: Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz) * Chipset: Intel 82945GMS + Intel 82801GBM * OS: Well all actually. * Memory: 1536 MB * Mass storage: 120 GB HD * Screen size: 8.9" Acer CrystalBrite (1024x600), LED backlight * Wireless: Dell True Mobile 1490 * Ports: 5-in-1 cardreader, SD slot, 3xUSB, VGA, RJ-45, headphone/lineout, microphone, Acer CrystalEye webcam * Keyboard: 95% full size keyboard, touchpad with scroll zone * Dimensions: 249 (w) x 170 (d) x 29 (h) mm, 2.17 lbs * Power: 3 cell, 2200 mAh, 30 W AC adapter
  13. All, I have an aspire one triple booting at the moment. My setup is: Partition1: osx Partition2: linux swap Partition3: exte (ubuntu) Partition4: xp Partiotn5: fat32 share I have grub installed to the MBR which can boot any of the 3 installs (boots osx using the boot file from chameleon placed in /boot and called similar to a linux kernel). My issue is that when grub calls OSX, the chameleon boot loader comes up, and is able to boot windows / mac but defaults to mac. I would like to know if there is a way to change this to default to osx, so i can setup com.apple.Boot.plist to no time out with quiet boot / graphics enabled. Thank you, Dave