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Virtual CD/DVD Drives


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Hi guys,


I was curious about is there any software can virtual CD/DVD drives on Mac OS X. In Windows, I can use Alcohol 120% to have a virtual CD/DVD drive. I really need some software which can virtual CD/DVD drives because I have lots of CD/DVD image files.


Also, can someone tell my how to access Alcohol 120%'s image files (.mdf and .mds)? I mean access the files which are located in the image, not how to "burn" these image files.


By the way, I've burned some Alcohol 120% images by changing file extensions to iso on Mac OS X. I can access the discs after burning process, but I was unable to access the image files (Use Toast to write image files on the discs). When I double-click on iso image files, Mac OS X tells me that the image files cannot be recognized!



Can someone help me to solve this problem and tell my where can I find virtual CD/DVD tools? Thanks!

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Well, the type of the image I tried to mount is ISO file. Some ISO files can be mounted, but some ISO files can't! It's weird. For example, when I tried to mount an ISO image which is Age of Empires I, Mac could recognize it. If I tried to mount another ISO image which is Emperor - Battle for Dune, system told me that the image cannot be recognized! I'm sure the image files are fine, not corrupted. See here, I made a screenshot. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?


Here is my spec.:


Laptop: ASUS A3G

Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.70 GHz, supports MMX, SSE, SSE2

Memory 256MB

Graphics Card: ATI RADEON MOBILITY 9600/9700 Series

Network Adapter:

Ethernet: Realtek 8139

Wireless: Intel PRO 2200BG, supports 802.11b/g

Modem: AC97 Modem


Multimedia: Realtek AC97


Here is my system properties:

System: Mac OS X x86 10.4.11 (Use JaS 10.4.8 to install, after installing, I update it to 10.4.11)

Kernel: Darwin 8.8.1


Last, thanks for cabron, westwaerts, hughson and sg to answer my question. ;)


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Everyone seems to rely on the internal drive mounter in OSX (which apparently only mounts .DMGs and certain ISOs), but I don't know if it can simultaneously mount several drives at the same time like Daemon Tools can. If you want a tool like Daemon Tools that can mount several types of images simultaneously, but for OSX, you're out of luck, none exist (to my knowledge). There also isn't any good multi-image editor for OSX like UltraISO so that's also very unfortunate. I really hope I'm wrong though, cuz' I'd love a good image mounting/editing app for OSX, so if anyone knows of one, don't hesitate to tell me.

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Oh! I see. Some of my image files only support Windows. That's why Mac OS X cannnot mount them.


One day, I found a virtual CD/DVD software unexpectly - PowerISO.


PowerISO Description:


Kind: Universal (PowerPC & Intel)




PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD image software. It can create, edit, expand, compress, encrypt and split image files. It has its own CD/DVD drives to mount image files. PowerISO is easy to use. Supports Shell, clipboard, drag and drop functions. PowerISO also supports ISO,BIN,NRG,IMG, etc image files.


Dowload Now!




#PS: If you are unable to read Chinese, see screenshot. It will tell you how to download.


Last, thanks for everyone to answer my question. :)


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