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  1. OK, So I had OSx86 running on this machine a while ago (pre leopard days), and just got it running again on 10.6.2 using Hazard. Everything works just as before, I had to the same hacks to get tings to work and all that stuff. One change is I got sound to work, and never got it to before, it's an ATI IXP SB400 Realtek ALC658 AC'97 chipset. So, the only new device I have is a Netgear wnda3100v2 USB wireless card. It has a BCM4323 chipset. I tried the beta driver at the top of the section, but since they are for PCI, they do not work. The ID's for this card are: Device: 0x9011 = 36881 Vendor: 0x0846 = 2118 Has anybody ever gotten a BCM43xx USB card to work?
  2. Maybe you could do it with folder actions? If you do a google search you can find some useful info. I think folder actions can be set to run on new items, so it will only create one alias per file.
  3. rob356

    Keyboard switch for each app

    I don't know about switching when you switch apps, but you can assign a keyboard shortcut to switch layouts. It is buried in System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu. I assume you already have slovak checked in there already, so you can check "Show Input Menu in Menu Bar". Then hit the keyboard shortcuts button, and check the "Select Previous Input Source". Then change the keyboard shortcut to something else. Seems kind of silly that Apple doesn't support that, if windows does. It is close, but not exactly what you need, hope it helps you!
  4. I have successfully gotten OSX installed on my HP, and I have a MobileMe account I use with my iMac. I have set it up with my Hackintosh, email and sync work, but I cannot get Back to My mac to work. It says it cannot connect to the MobileMe servers, but on the iMac it works fine. I used the XxX 10.5.6 Universal DVD. Does apple block hackintoshes from Back to My Mac, regular LAN screen sharing works fine.
  5. rob356

    Ubuntu, a lot of perspiration ROFL

    I Love openSUSE 11. That's what I use on my (older) laptop. I've tried others, slackware, ubuntu, but I like openSUSE better.
  6. This game is the best. Remember this video? This game is made by the same people. http://gizmodo.com/5028895/bill-gates-vs-s...lightsaber-duel
  7. rob356

    Easy way to create a free website for beginner.

    This Looks a lot like
  8. I have the 5mb/2mb FiOS plan. I did it at 4:30pm though.
  9. rob356

    Windows Vista is fine

    1gb may be fine in a system like that, but I am talking about a $400 computer, integrated graphics, really low end. My System has 1gb, but discrete graphics, and an Athalon 64 X2 2.0GHz.
  10. rob356

    Windows Vista is fine

    That is exactly what I mean, it is a resource hog, and a cheap computer with 1gb of ram wont cut it!
  11. rob356

    Windows Vista is fine

    You are right. I also see nothing wrong with vista, but OSX is a better OS. Another thng is that Vista needs a powerful computer. Some $400 Wallmart computer just wont cut it. But the sad thing is those computers are the ones coming with Vista on them, hence the outcry. Now vista has other problems , and speed and stability are just a few. Now I'm not a Microsoft fanboy, or an Apple fanboy, I use a real mac, and PC and like them both. (So don't flame me )
  12. Everyone seemed no not notice this but the new 2.0 software will now show a play triangle where a youtube video is embedded, instead of the blue missing plug in symbol. See the screenshot. It will open in its own player when you select it, and when you are done it will go back to Safari. No Need to use iTransmorgify now!
  13. rob356

    A testament to the stability of OS X

    I wasent saying it reporting problems was bad, but the method was. I would rather have it find out the CPU was overheating ( it isnt hard to find the temps ) and tell me in a better way, such as after crashing twice, start monitoring the temps, when it sees it getting hot, warn me in an informative way. Both OS's don't do this now. My point was how much better than windows OSX handeled it, but it's not perfect.
  14. rob356

    A testament to the stability of OS X

    So True. I had a similar thing happen. The only difference was I had somehow blocked the vents, and I had no idea how hot it was getting. Windows blue-screened all the time, and I thought it was normal (This is windows), because OSX ran fine. Great Job Apple (When I started reading this, I thought OS X was crashing (What! Never!) but it became apparent later on it was Windows)
  15. Must not of read the article fully. Ooops. Maybe this should be moved to laughs now? I posted it for the fact that it was a blue screen, extremely similar to Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death."